The kiss of innocence.

“Give me a kiss under the mistel-toe.”

My youngest came in a few minutes ago while I stared absent-mindlessly at the computer.

Not only was his pronunciation a bit off, his green sprig was a holly branch.



But I played along.

It doesn’t seem as if my two youngest children know anything of the horrific scenes out of Connecticut.

I wonder how much of life is like that?

People we encounter, the private hells they are living though — we have no idea.

My head swims with how precarious life is, how evil breaks through and destroys the most innocent . . . and all the while, my mistel-toe bandit blissfully slaps away on the iPad next to me.

I thank God for the horrors I know not of and pray for the families who suffered unspeakable lost today.

And all of us. I pray for mercy on all of us —










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7 responses to “The kiss of innocence.”

  1. Jill Hill says:

    my children haven’t spoken of it either. so glad because i am still trying to absorb in my adult brain.

    love this picture of your Joe! he is SUCH a cutie. saw him in the hall yesterday at school. love those curls!

    praying with you. <3


    • Jamie Miles says:

      You know Jill — I wonder if they even knew about it, they could ever imagine it happening here. I don’t know if a child could conceive of how truly horrible it is. And what death/murder of a child really is.

  2. Yes, life is so precarious and so precious. Hugs.
    Julia Munroe Martin recently posted..A Halfway Day: a post and a recipe

  3. tiffani goff says:

    Well said, Jamie. It breaks my heart to think of the families that lost children and can’t even comprehend the pain they must be enduring. xoxo tiffani
    tiffani goff recently posted..This is what crazy looks like!

  4. Jamie I dread my son hearing something at school tomorrow. I’ll answer his questions when they come but I am not bringing it up.

    Side note, he is right beside me right now swiping something on the iPad 😉

  5. I haven’t told my 6yo. Like Kenya, I will wait and see if he comes home with questions. Looking at him and thinking that those poor children were all the age of my son and his classmates is heart breaking
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