Thanks for the week that was. No one was thrown into prison, even.

Sitting once again outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Before I take off on a long ride on this beautiful (yet a bit smoky — must be a fire someplace) afternoon,

Ten things of Thankful for the week that was . . .

10.  Monday the children were back in school and I helped finally rock my youngest’s Valentine party.

Because of snow and ice, then a scheduled break, they ended up having their Valentine’s Party on February 24.



9.  My little craft was a big hit.




8.   Thank goodness that I was able to find photo machine. Small town problems.  I took their photos right after lunch and needed the prints back for the party in a couple of hours.




7.   The alphabet. The craft was to make Valentines. We stuck a magnet on the back so they could put them on the fridge. Of course, many stainless models like ours won’t take a magnet.

The kids absolutely LOVED picking through mounds of sticky letters to find the right ones to spell out just the right message on their project. I thought the kids would just do their names but they added a lot of their own creativity.



6.   Thankful for my Valentine. Tebow. Truly the purest heart among all us living here.

This was my example for the kids.



5.  Toenail polish.  This is the time of year, my feet are exposed and a bit of color does help gild the homely lily a bit.



4.   March.   The month of spring’s arrival is HERE!  Oh happy day.



3.    Motorcycles.   I don’t have one or ride one, but tons have gone by our house while I’ve played on my laptop sitting on the porch. Another sign that warmer weather is here.



2.   Fire pits.  I love to have something to do with all the darn sticks that fall off the trees and litter our yard.  Just hunk them all in the fire pit, add a match and a marshmallow and you’ve got a great evening.



1.  No one died on the finale of Downton Abbey. Hurrah! At least I wasn’t aware that anyone passed away or was thrown into prison even.


Happy week that was.


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9 responses to “Thanks for the week that was. No one was thrown into prison, even.”

  1. zoe says:

    Tebow is lovely! Seems like Valentine’s came late for everyone this year…soon it will be spring…spring. ..spring!

  2. christine says:

    I gave a little whimper when I read you wrote your post on your porch. It is snowing great big flakes outside my window. I’m glad there is a place, somewhere, enjoying nicer weather. It means I’ll have someplace to go during spring break. 🙂

    All crafts are made better with the kids’ photos. Nice work. While I’m glad our stainless steel fridge cuts down on clutter, it’s a bit sad when we can’t put something we really want on the fridge on it.

  3. 1. I’m with Christine. I read about you sitting on your porch as sleet pounds against my windows, and I cried a little inside. Maybe outside, too….

    2. A craft that older elementary-aged kids all like is nothing short of a miracle! Good work!

    3. Your toes are exposed? YOUR TOES ARE EXPOSED? See #1, above….

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Yes Dyanne and Christine — it was barefeet on the porch yesterday. But there’s a freeze warning for tonight. Looks like the cooler temps are back until next weekend.

  4. My toes are not exposed much, but I’m thinking maybe it would add some brightness to my days…especially given we had a new layer of snow last night!

    And, yes; so glad there was no death on Downton Abbey! Next season will be exciting with Marie’s suitors vying for her hand! Marie made me very proud with her assertiveness and honesty this past season. Edith is getting some backbone too. Love the show!

  5. Love everything about this–what a sweet and funny person you are! and the Valentines are adorable–you rocked it! Finally, you cracked me up re: Downton Abbey! I still haven’t seen it but I have read enough spoilers to KNOW, and you had me rolling!!!

    xox jean

  6. I’m really envious of your spring… we’re still deep in snow here…you’ve given me hope, too! And the Valentine’s party looks like so much fun. I’m thankful that it’s March, which means we really (probably) only have one more cold month left. Whew!

  7. Considerer says:

    Ahhhh the Downton finale was gorrrgeous, was it not? Loved it 😀

    And the next series is the last one! OWWW!

    But glad you’re enjoying warmerish weather, and I’m TOTALLY with you on fire pits (well, ours is a chiminea) and motorbikes and the smell of smoke hanging in still air 🙂

    Love it. HAPPY SPRING!



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