Ten Things of Thanks for the week that was . . .

Is it wrong to be thankful for the same 10 things week after week?

Not morally wrong as murder or lusting after someone’s double mocha champagne truffle.

More lazily wrong. Like fallen-into-a-rut wrong.

Not opening my eyes and emotions to the spectrum of wonder all aroundest me.

Ten things of thankful for the week that was . . . (not putting coffee, health, my running friends.)

10.  The SUN.

After last week’s ice and snow, it’s been warm in Central Georgia. As a girl growing up in Central Florida, I never could appreciate that tingly, world-is-coming-alive again feeling. The joy of seeing those first few daffodils.


9.  My white legs.

SCREAM. It was warm this morning on our run through town. At least to my menopausal self. I braved a skirt. Boy are my legs white. But I’m most thankful they are attached to my torso and still move fairly well.


8.  Basketball

I haven’t shot a basketball in months but I have enjoyed watching my two favorite college teams do well. The University of Florida and SMU are having great seasons. Though why everyone enjoys hopping on a winning team’s bandwagon is worthy of a more thought-filled blog post.


7.    Rebounds

Which the Gators don’t seem to be getting enough of as I watch them playing Ole Miss as a compile this post.


6.  Okay. Here is where I want to put birds or coffee or sleep.

Why is it so hard to think of 10 things?


5.  My bike.

Had an awesome 20-something mile ride on Thursday. It had been along time. I don’t like to ride if the temps aren’t hovering near 70. Much rejoicing that I’ll be able to get out on my bike regularly.


4. The LEGO Movie.

We went and saw it one night this week. Ate lots of buttered popcorn and drank copious amounts of Diet Coke. Awesome fun, creative flick. And the little boy at the end was my Joe. Okay, he wasn’t really but he sure did make me think of my Joe.  And my daughter is the human embodiment of Wyldstyle. Purple hair and all. Just saying.


3. Frozen pizza.

Or should I say that my family is finally starting to be okay with me whipping out one for dinner when meal time creeps up on me and I am UNPREPARED. Not that that happens around here. Much.


2.    Broccoli. 

I truly love broccoli. It’s the only green vegetable that I could eat EVERYday. It was very sad for me that the plants I put in my garden this fall were duds.  But I learned that I planted them too late. Need to have them in the ground by early September.


1.  Birds, Coffee, Rebounds, Black running skirts and white legs.

Looks like the Gators are poised for Number 1. Yeehaw.


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21 responses to “Ten Things of Thanks for the week that was . . .”

  1. zoe says:

    there are times were being thankful for anything is enough. White legs notwithstanding lol you did pretty good! we aren’t anywhere near bicycle weather yet and I’m so envious of you. Although I have to say or broccoli bomb this year too and I remember reading your post when you were gardening and worrying about it. Maybe it was just the broccoli bust year?!

  2. White Legs are “In,” babe!!

    Fun post!

  3. We so want to see the Lego movie hopefully here soon and keep hearing great things about it. Sounded like a great week and yay for the warmer weather once again, too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  4. Joy Christi says:

    I heard the Lego movie was good, I believe it. We have short little mini-movies on our cable’s OnDemand and they’re all pretty hilarious.
    I am always thankful for frozen pizzas. My teenagers weird eating times, never when the REST of us are eating, makes us all crazy. At least he can prepare a pizza for himself, otherwise I would be in the kitchen 20 hours a day 🙂
    Let’s hear it for the SUN!

  5. Considerer says:

    Ohmigosh I LOVE BROCCOLI! And it’s one of those vegetables I’ve never learned how to spell properly, but I adore it.

    At least your white legs run good. But run in a skirt? What’s THAT about?

    Also, holy BIKE RIDE dude! That’s incredible. I haven’t ever thought much about cycling for exercise, but perhaps as it warms up it would be a good alternative to running (though I tend to bulk up from cycling and I have ‘drag queen-y’ legs already…bleah!)

    Outta that rut for next week, you 😉

  6. cyndy says:

    I live in North Central Florida…Go Gators! I’m pretty thankful for the basketball team, since the football team can’t seem to get it together….

  7. I loved the Lego movie!! Came out singing “Everything is awesome!”

  8. “Not morally wrong as murder or lusting after someone’s double mocha champagne truffle.” Love this hilarious contrast on morality!

    There are far too many new-ish movies I’d love to see. The problem is I’m cheap and usually wait until I can watch on RedBox or Netflix…which by then, I have forgotten all the ones I wanted to see :(! The Lego movie sounds fun!

  9. Beth Teliho says:

    My 9yo eats broccoli like it’s his job. I like it, too, but kale is my absolute fave.

    My skin is so white it glows in the dark. Seriously. I pity the people who’ll have to witness the first few times I expose it to the sun. They better wear shades.

  10. Tricia says:

    No wrong at all. When I gets to be spring final I will b grateful for the sun and every degree above 50 until it’s winter again!

  11. May says:

    Fun! You did this so well, Jamie. Why, oh, why is my autocorrect possessed?! It changed Jamie to Mamie…because yes, Mamie is far more commonly used than Jamie!!

  12. Kristi says:

    I’ve heard only good reviews of the Lego movie; I might have to go see it when it comes to the dollar theater.

    I’ve got broccoli guilt right now, because I didn’t harvest all of mine in time, and some of the heads are going to seed.

  13. Sarah says:

    I’m afraid I might have gotten stuck on “double mocha champagne truffle.” Where are these precious gems?

  14. Ah, so I’m not the only one that has a hard time putting the list together. 😉 I am glad you guys got to see that big hot ball in the sky as well. I love basketball, but as a Nole, I have to disagree on your team 🙂

  15. Lisa says:

    My legs are the color of mayo. The end.

    The warm sun is to die for. I can’t get enough.

    I’m all about running skirts. Well, for me, it’s walking as fast as my short legs will carry me. But still, a skirt, I love. I even have one with a ruffle.

    I too adore broccoli. Roasted takes it over the moon for me. (my mouth just watered)


  16. Every week I want to write about how much I love the library, so I understand. Just think of it as an opportunity to get creative: “How can I say I’m thankful for coffee in a different way than I did last week?”

  17. I KNOW it’s bad for us to expose our skin to the evil sun rays, but it looks sooooo much better when it has a little color. SO unfair.

    Broccoli was my favorite vegetable UNTIL it was the last thing I ate before I got the stomach flu. Now if I try to eat it, it just gets bigger and bigger in my mouth and I have to spit it out. Which is a shame, because I could have eaten it every day, too, back then. Which was over 20 years ago. Which you would think would be enough time to GET OVER IT, but, sadly, it is not.

  18. Well even I got pale for this winter! LOL! For the warm weather I was going to put on a pair of capris last week. I quickly changed my mind when I saw #1 that my brown legs needs some sun AND I need to shave. Broccoli is also my fav. It’s takes forever to cook fresh green beans or anything else for that matter to my liking. Broccoli less than ten minutes.

  19. kj says:

    hello, i’ve slid in here from zoo’s blog and i like your energy and emphasis.

    except for the white legs. not the attached part, just the white part :^)

    best wishes

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