Ten Things of Thankful now that January is past.

The day dawned gray. Not solid gray but a sky filled with clouds interrupted by brief glimpses of blue.


That blue sky is still there and linking up with the Ten Things of Thankful gang this Saturday.

Ten reasons of thanks for January 2014.

10.   My husband did not drive into Atlanta to work last Tuesday.  Many of you probably saw what a mess the city of Atlanta was when a layer of ice and snow temporarily accomplished what Sherman did with fire 150 years ago.

Does make you realize how helpless we all would be if some catastrophic event occurred. But so many great stories came out of people helping people.

My husband’s office — those who couldn’t make it out — ended up sleeping two nights on the couches there.




 9.  The snow

That said. It was wonderful to have a snowball fight with my son. It’s been a couple of years since we had a visitation by the snow fairy.


8.  The power stayed on

This has to be the coldest winter I can remember since I’ve been living in Georgia.  Thank the good Lord through all the bitter cold in January we never lost power — or HEAT.


7.  Mental rest

I guess I needed a break from writing because once I handed in a piece at mid-month, I didn’t feel like writing.

So I didn’t.  Mental hibernation found me.


6.  Hot Chocolate 15K

My son, husband and BRF and I headed into Atlanta last Sunday to run 9.3 miles with a million other folks. It was  a great race and I thoroughly enjoyed dipping bananas, pretzels and marshmallows into melted chocolate at the finish line.



5.  Knitting

While taking a mental break from writing, a ball of yarn and knitting needles called my creative soul. While shopping one day at Walmart, I drifted into the crafts section, spied the knitting needles. My hand reached up and dropped them in my cart. Over 40 years ago my maternal grandmother taught me the basics of knitting and I haven’t touched yarn since.

Until this January.




The almost mindless, rhythmic motion helped fill my restless, tired creative void. Not quite sure what I’m making. Thinking scarf.


4.  My Bunn.

A dear BFF is letting me become one each morning with her Bunn. She abandoned her Bunn’s affections for a upstart, sassy Keurig.  I love having a pot of steaming hot coffee in 20 seconds.


3.   The King Bed

Since all the animals slept with us those cold January nights, with our new kinger we all have plenty of space to stretch out. And I can get to sleep a lot faster without a kitty’s outboard purr funneling directly into my ear.


2.  Comfort food

Good grief, I’ve been cooking and eating this month. I really need to stop and BLACK LIST a few items from my diet — but darn that Super Bowl tomorrow night.


1.  January

Thirty-one days when I was somewhat forced to slow down. To sleep in. To rest.

Will see what February holds.

And what that darn Groundhog is up to.

What do you think tomorrow, shadow or no?



Ten Things of Thankful



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16 responses to “Ten Things of Thankful now that January is past.”

  1. Here is to hoping the Groundhog predicts an early spring, because after this polar vortex and crazy weather, I think all of us could use a bit of spring right about now! And just glad you all were Ok with the snow and the ice in your neck of the woods.
    Janine Huldie recently posted..Finally January Is Over!

  2. Considerer says:

    I’m claiming ‘foreigner’ on your #1 – I have NO idea what groundhog or shadow is all about, and will definitely need more clarity! Ow!

    The knitting looks great. Lovely even stitches and a pretty colour of wool. I reckon a scarf would be perfect.

    I’m glad you had a chance for mental rest, and something to fill it with, whilst you stayed snuggled and warm away from the weather.

    The hot chocolate run sounds awesome. Well done you 🙂
    Considerer recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful #33

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Oh Lizzi. The fate of our winter rests on if a darn groundhog (a beaverish creature) sees his/her shadow on February 2. If a shadow is seen, he is scared and pops back underground for six more weeks of winter. If no shadow — mild rest of winter. Sooo we’ll see.

  3. zoe says:

    UGH! Lost comment! DAMN!

    ok short version:
    * sorry I think the hog is gonna turn on ya
    * wow you can knit after all that time? impressive!
    * nice on the run!
    * a kinger is only so big if you don’t get any more animals..
    * have a great weekend Jamie!

  4. MizYank says:

    I love that you’re embracing a little bit of mental hibernation, especially when it means going back to a touchstone like knitting. My mom’s mother used to knit prodigiously and produced enormous afghans for each of us grandkids- I still have mine–but I wasn’t interested in learning it until it was too late. So cool that you can still do it!
    I think writing is a bit like physical fitness. While you have to do it regularly to get decent results, you also have to take some time off every now and again. What you’re doing seems very healthy to me.
    MizYank recently posted..A happy new year, indeed.

  5. Sarah says:

    I love mindless handcrafts. Something that keeps my hands busy but doesn’t work my mind too hard. I am glad you and your family survived the Atlanta mess. Horrors!
    Sarah recently posted..TToT11: Fast and Furious

  6. I am impressed at your recalled knitting skills. I had a great aunt who taught me to crochet years ago, but I don’t remember how. My Mother In Law is learning to knit and I’m mildly intrigued. The color of your yarn is just lovely. Not sure how my arthritis would like the work, though – could be good for it or go completely the other way.

    Glad you survived the Atlanta mess – seems hard for us up here in the Northeast to fathom the disruption but when you aren’t used to it and don’t quite have the resources in place to deal with it, it can be awful. Hope all are warm and safe down there!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted..TToT – Later, January!

  7. My gosh, thankfully he didn’t drive into Atlanta last Tuesday! That was one long jam!! Thanks for sharing with us, Jamie!
    Michelle Liew recently posted..Appreciating beauty

  8. Sandy Ramsey says:

    I am so glad to hear that your husband didn’t get caught in that Atlanta mess! That was awful and I felt horrible for all those folks. Also very glad to hear there was no loss of power.
    I love the term “mental hybernation”! Couldn’t we all use a little of that from time to time…good for you for doing it.
    I hear you about the Super Bowl and the eating. Tonight’s party will be my last eating hurrah! Tomorrow I put the running shoes back on!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted..Super Bowl: Peyton Manning, Commercials and Food

  9. Yikes! THat snow looks crazy! At the same time, yes I’m glad you got to experience the snow w/ the kiddos which sounds like it’s few & far between anyhow. I too am glad the power stayed on for you, that woulda been no bueno otherwise.

  10. christine says:

    I have enjoyed seeing those of you living in the south being excited about the bit of snow you’ve gotten. It makes me stop and complain less about ours.
    We haven’t lost power or heat, either (I’m knocking on wood right now.), and I’m very grateful. I know plenty of people who have.
    The run sounds like fun, except for the running 9 miles part.
    I am impressed you remember how to knit after all that time. Is it like riding a bike, or are you just a knitting genius? 🙂
    christine recently posted..We Get Around and Talk A Lot, TToT Week 33

  11. Snow certainly has it’s pros and cons as you’ve mentioned!

    Impressed you can knit! I’ve tried to teach myself at one time. I’ve crocheted in year’s past and have contemplated taking up the hobby again.

    BTW…love your blog template/graphics/colors and header!
    Phoebe Wulliman Graber recently posted..Thanking My Way: TToT #3

  12. jani says:

    Will wonders never cease? I had no idea you could knit. Just met a new Kiwi friend who speaks of crafts and such. She’s knitting a sweet little baby jumper. Nic taught me a few years back. I may need to revive that skill.



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