Take the long way home. A field trip revisited.

All I have in my head after writing that is Supertramp.

I have immediately lost some of you who have no idea what or who Supertramp is.

And no it has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian.

Joke. I love her.


No this post is about an hour and a half school bus ride to Macon, Georgia with my son’s second grade class yesterday.



We got right up front. Well, my son and his two friends got right up front.



Once we boarded the bus, I was immediately ditched by my son and the next person boarding became my seat mate.



Robert would have been a great person to sit next to on a long flight.

He was very nice and didn’t say much.

The children were allowed to bring electronics on the bus because the ride was so long.

This kept them very quiet and I just stared out the window in hopes that my bus-sickness would subside.

 We made it through the cow pastures of Central Georgia to the Macon metropolis.


We learned lots at the Science Center about energy. I got the CRAP shocked out of me touching my son’s head when he was at the static ball. Just saying.

We learned about sound. I grooved out to the whale calls.

We visited the planetarium. My favorite part except when they showed how close that asteroid will scrape by earth on February 15.

Fourteen thousand miles looks pretty near-miss in outer space.


The seats were very comfy. It was very dark in there once the show started.

Yes, definitely my favorite part of the day.

Then we had lunch outside.


It had warmed up and was really nice.

Then back on the bus and 90 minutes home.

I sat with my son and another on the way back.

Nothing short about 70 miles on a school bus.

Yes, it’s a long way home.

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10 responses to “Take the long way home. A field trip revisited.”

  1. Yes, I do know who Supertramp is and now the song is stuck in my head as well…
    I get motion sick easy and a school bus is just brutal. Try that in the mountains of British Columbia, there is just not enough Gravol…
    Anyway, the place you went to sounds a lot like Science World in Vancouver, which is a really neat place. My kids love going there and we never take the school bus 😉
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Game of Life

  2. I bet that bus was quiet with all the kids on their electronics! Sounds like a good time. I’m picturing you grooving along with those whale calls. totally something I would do. I’m going to embarrass my kids one day I just know it 🙂 ooh well.
    sarah sundayspill recently posted..#ippp: it’s all about the brambles, baby

  3. greta says:

    I HATE riding buses. I always have…it makes me queasy just thinking about it. Thank goodness for the kids on their electronics, I guess. 🙂 The rest of the day sounds…fun, I think? I most definitely love your pictures, though!
    greta recently posted..Princess Preschool Prep #iPPP

  4. Katie E says:

    Oh goodness, this doesn’t make me miss school bus rides. I don’t remember them bothering me then, but now I get car sick if I ride in the back seat of a car – I don’t think I could handle a bus! Yay you for being an awesome mom and chaperoning 🙂
    Katie E recently posted..Toddler Gymnastics #iPPP

  5. I started singing that song as soon as I read your title. 🙂 Sounds like a fun trip. I love exploring science-y places like that.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Love Letter

  6. Very sweet pictures. I’m impressed by your fortitude. I don’t think I could hack 90 minutes on a school bus without turning green.
    Larks (@LarksNotesThis) recently posted..Invisible #iPPP

  7. Audrey says:

    What a fun field trip! Minus the bus ride, but at least it was pretty quiet! How many kids fell asleep on the way home?
    Audrey recently posted..Tractor Party

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Audrey, one of the teachers said she’s buy ice cream for every child who fell asleep. Let me just say with that encouragement — many children took her up on the offer.

  8. Farrah says:

    You had me at whale calls.
    First, I absolutely know who Supertramp is. And thank you this will now be in my head all day.
    Second, I love your pics in black and white. Awesome.

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