Organizing and no wonder I had so many different tan lines.

Today was the second week my Sunday School gal group discussed making room for abundance with professional organizer, Jodie Schmit.

Inspired, I set out to separate myself from half the contents of my stuffed armoire.


I pulled out all my bathing suits.

I’m sure 15 is not a lot for some of you. For others, I’m sure it seems obsence.

This all stems from living half the weekends of the year at the beach as a child — with only one bathing suit.

Mom would buy us one in the spring and that was the only one we would tug on our bodies till the following spring.

Obviously, I am struggling with deep bathing suit deprivation issues.

The new “clear space for clear mind” me realized some of these had to go.

So after a proper Sunday lunch (and resulting bloated belly fried chicken can inflict) I took all my suits to the bathroom. Tried them on and looked at my reflection in the full length mirror.

I separated myself from eight.


"Being organized is the path to
what we really want in life."

"Time is finite. What happens when we try to
cram everything in 24 hours?"


"If we say yes to _________.
We say no to _________."

If we say yes to home cooked meals, we say no to getting to bed before midnight. If we say yes to cleaning out our children’s closets, we say no to exercising that day.

I wish it was as easy to figure out what to discard in my day as it was to let go of some of those suits.

It’s all about prioritizing.  And what looks better in bad lighting and winter pallor.

Jodie asked how much of our day are we giving to God?

What are we saying yes to — that might be taking time away from solitude and reflection to find a path to peace.

And a few more minutes of leisure to peruse the new 2012 bathing suits.

Have you cleaned out any closets lately?



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Today’s Muse. If you snooze you lose a Woman of Faith ticket.

Once again I have over-committed.

Okay. That’s coming from my spin-master self.

I mismanaged my time with commitments and won’t be able to attend the Woman of Faith conference at Philips Arena tomorrow, Friday, August 12.

Shelia Walsh, Luci Swindoll, Natalie Grant, Mary Mary, Steve Arterburn are among those who will be speaking and performing.

I hope to go Saturday, but there is no way I can go tomorrow. Someone PLEASE take my ticket and go.

It’s a gift.

You will be sitting amongst a great group of women — some of which were pictured in  yesterday’s post.

If you can go both days, that’s great too.

I trust the Lord in all things….and I know he knows I’m a mess when it comes to planning ahead for deadlines.

There is someone He has in mind for this ticket.

Please leave comment, DM on Twitter or Facebook — or call if you’d like to go.

God bless all.

Now “Hi Ho, Hi Ho”… back to work I go.



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Musing on new things. My Kindle.

amazon kindle

I don’t do new well.

That’s why I continually have to make myself leap off the rock at Lake Oconee.

That’s a lie. I don’t even know the name of that rock — for I surely haven’t leapt off it.

I downloaded a Kindle on my iPad yesterday. (Dear Husband – this is where you should stop reading.)

I couldn’t find my book we are studying for Sunday School. I took it to read while waiting for an appointment the other day and guessed I must have left it there. 

I downloaded the free Kindle app. Then purchased my book.  All done in 5 seconds.

Once I started reading it became clear to me I had downloaded the wrong book — the study guide to the book.


So I go went back to the Kindle store purchased the e-book that I already bought as a book. The e-book that is the companion to the e-study guide I just bought but didn’t need.

And if my husband is still reading this, I am reading all three at an undisclosed location far, far away.

Then I found the book. The first book…the real book that I bought.

I haven’t read the Kindle again.

It gives me a headache to try and figure out how to turn the pages.

I need to just stop and figure it out, but there’s never enough time.

In our class, seems over half of us have downloaded our books.

What’s my problem?

That was a rhetorical question….

Do you use a Kindle or Nook? What do you like about it?

That is a real question in which I beg for an answer.

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Musing on toothbrushes.

Last night my daughter came to me in tears because her brother had used her toothbrush to brush his teeth.

The victim.

 “Look what he did to it…Look what he does to the bristles!”

Okay. It did look a little worn but honestly I was a more than a little thankful that he was in there brushing his teeth before bed.

I have my suspicions that it doesn’t happen all that much.

But what really pricked my nerves with the both of them is this…

This is how many toothbrushes are sitting 10 inches away from that lone brush.

And they fight over one.


That is what the Women of Faith have been studying.

Yesterday we read Paul’s words, ” …for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” Phil. 4:11.

In the Greek the word is manthano, man-than’-o.

“to learn by use and practice, to acquire the habit of, be accustomed to.”

We learn to give up tug-of-wars over toothbrushes.

And  we learn that the sun and billions of stars do not rotate around our toothbrushes.

Some green households have the community wipe for their toliet. (I have heard tell.)

We have the community toothbrush till the will of one is more grossed out than the other.

Some lessons they just have to learn on their own.

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Musing on the perfect marshmallow.



This was Sunday night.

I was determined to roast the perfect marshmallow.

Actually, there is nothing more perfect than sitting by a warm flame. The marshmallow was just a little challenge to myself, a little diverson.

We have been studying “contentment” with my gals in Sunday School.

To my surprise, this study has impacted my thinking like nothing else we have done in a long time.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it before now. Maybe because I’ve been thinking about it so much.

Oh how I wish I could just step back into the picture and be content as it looks. (to me anyway.)

To be at rest and at peace.

To exist yet be perfectly content.

Is that possible? (like for more than a half hour.)

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Musing on Peace.

“Mom…Come on.”

Eyelids closed at just the perfect I-can’t-believe-you’re-so-uncooperative-here angle.

It’s a little after eight in the morning and my son just came home from an overnight airsoft camp-out in woods.

“Did you and Dad try to call?”


“I lost my phone in the woods. You’ve got to get me a phone for Christmas.”

I’m done shopping this year. Spending money stressed me out big time. We had a budget for the children. Our eldest (the phone loser) said he just wanted cash.

Now he wants a phone. 

There is never any peace.

Katie Anderson led the Woman of Faith study on Peace this Sunday.

Was wondering…

Is it possible to have peace with a unmade house?

Is peace possible when you never seem to accomplish enough on the to do list? Or the things you accomplish aren’t the ones you really should have?

Is it possible to have peace and drink three pots of coffee throughout the day?

Is is possible to have peace and check your bank balance hourly?

Is peace possible with three children, two cats and one strong-as-a-bull dog in a pear tree? I wish there was a pear tree out there to stick them.

Some scriptures Katie offered.

Peace described. Psalm 29:11

What is Peace. Gal 5:22

Three things to do to pursue Peace. Psalm 34:14

What do we need to do to have Peace. Phil 4:6

So another day closer to celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace.

How are you doing?

And even though Jake lost his phone ~ he had a front row seat for the lunar eclipse. I was comatose.


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Musing on holiday burnout.

Under a week till Christmas.

The kids are home. I’m home too.

There’s nowhere else to flee.

Burned out bulbs.

I’ve probably thrown away (or stepped on) the same amount. My son felt the little snow men a nice addition to the photo. He and his sister created those yesterday. They are always crafting. That’s why every material treasure in my house is

covered in paint and dried hot glue.

This is the time of the holiday season that I begin to burn out. An early swim helped, but any stress relieving benefits have long since worn off. I once again have a stiff neck and am saddled with a most attractive case of gogglitis.

But I pledge to enjoy these last few days.To be a kind, soft-spoken, cookie-baking mother. To breath deeply and keep centered on the Spirit.

We covered peace yesterday with the Woman of Faith. Going to post thought’s on Katie Anderson’a message tomorrow.

I want to be at peace these last days before Christmas.

How are you doing?

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Musing on the Second Sunday in Advent ~ “Fear Not.”

There is a supernatural realm.

Sometimes its appearance is like that of bright ray of sunshine on a day full of clouds. You see it — but then clouds quickly return smothering any revelation.

We forget the sun is shining brightly above the layer of gloom.

This week the lovely and talented Karen Griffith taught the Women of Faith Class. The word that came to her was

Fear Not.

Okay. That’s two words, but I didn’t press the issue. When the Lord speaks to somebody, best to let it unfold. To spite any technicalities.

First words out of our pastor Grady Mosley’s mouth in his message early service this second Sunday of Advent….

Fear Not.

I’m not making this up.

About half way through class, it became apparent that the Fear Not message was speaking very directly to one person. One brave woman who experienced a great trauma this past week.

We all have lots to fear this days.

But we human folk always did.

It was a dark time 2000 years ago. For so many there was no money, no freedom from a tyrant’s rule but plenty of  suffering, disease and want.

“Fear not, for I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” 

Good news of great joy.

Fear Not…For all people.

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Musing on today’s treasure ~ family gatherings.

Sally sat in the same spot at the dinner table. Well, she always sat in the same spot. That's just oyster's way.

Today Mathison writes of the importance of staying connected with our church family.  

Everyone with their unique abilities, personality strengths and history has something to add to the party that no one else can.  

“When we all learn that we have something to teach — and something to learn from others — that’s when great things happen.” page 135.

Can’t agree with that statement more.  

“None of us has all the answers — but together, we come pretty close.”  

So when we come together as a church family we don’t only lift each other up — we learn from each other.  

And if we’re stuck around each other all the time..  

It warmed Sally to see such great attendance in church. Though two visitors had a hard time finding seats.

 we grow together. We care about what has happened in each other’s world during the week.  

Do I feel compelled to meet with my church family regularly? Why or why not?  page. 137

Yes, (esp. Sunday School). Because I bring the coffee and hot water for tea and hot chocolate

What does my prescence bring to the family table.

See above. (Coffee and hot chocolate.)

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