Fine Arts Extravaganza. One performance, 600 performers. Yeah.

If you live in Morgan County, if you live anywhere remotely near Morgan County —

You don’t want to miss this.



Tuesday night, April 28 at 7 p.m. the MCHS gym will be transformed into a theatrical venue for a Patriotic Fine Arts Extravaganza featuring over 600 Morgan County students grades PreK – 12.

Karisa Seymour, Morgan County Middle School Band Director, came up with the ambitious idea after seeing a event by an Avon, Indiana student fine arts program. “This performance has been in the works for over a year,” said Seymour. “It’s designed to showcase the outstanding work being taught every day in the four Morgan County schools.”

The patriotic Extravaganza will feature Pre-K through 12th grade performances including: Middle and High School Bands, Chorus, Dance, Drama, Art, R.O.T.C. and Color Guard. Special lighting and sound will transform the gym into a theatrical venue. A prism performance allows for seamless transitions without waiting for performer or set changes. One act flows into the next with entertainment positioned around the venue. A dramatic monologue might follow a swinging jazz quartet, which leads into lyrical dance. Student art banners will serve as backdrops enhancing the red, white and blue theme.

The high caliber of the system wide fine art instruction and programming not only enriches student life, it brings recognition to the schools and profits the community as a whole. MCMS Art Teacher Marjean Meadow pointed out that many Morgan County students go on to fine arts studies at the collegiate level earning degrees in all areas of: theater, dance, music, graphic and studio arts, voice, art education and architecture — just to name a few. As for long-reaching effects of the Extravaganza, Seymour hopes a dreamed-for performing art center would come a little closer to reality. “Having a state-of-the-art performing arts center would not only benefit the student population, it would allow us to bring in other quality performing and visual arts for the entire community.”

See you there!

Okay, maybe I won’t actually see you there because there are gonna be a TON of folks.

Get there early. Not like 6 a.m. early, but you can figure it out.



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5K School Fundraisers. Trick or Trot Your Way to $$$.

What school isn’t hungry for great ideas for a fundraiser? Wrapping paper, candy, candles.

As a girl, one year I went door-to-door selling scented candles. Each time someone would buy one, I was like God bless you. Now I like scented candles as much as the next person — but frosted glass and pictures of sad-eyed puppy dogs? Guess you can never have enough of those.

Breaking ground and new vistas for fundraising, our local elementary school holds a 5K the weekend before Halloween. The Trick or Trot 5K and Fun Run.

They make a huge profit and create a fun family event for the community.

This year’s race was last Saturday.



You can tell by the photos that it was cold. Cold for us Georgia folks away.

It was a beautiful day. As any runner knows, standing around in the cold before a race might not be the most pleasant but cold temps make running the race all the better.

Trick or Trot co-organizer Stephanie Keener said that there were 455 race registrants for both one mile Fun Run and 5K.

That’s a great turn out for any local 5K.


Though the Fun Run wasn’t timed, the majority of attendees participated in the mile race. Adults and children running, walking or skipping the distance.

Keener said that 169 folks completed the 5K.

Here’s a list of the top 11 Over all finishers.  I went all the way to number 11 to include the lovely Elizabeth Branch who was top finisher for the women. Woo.

1.    Zach Massey
2.    Alex Branch
3.    Jeremy Craft
4.    Jordan Hilsman
5.   Kingsley Sitzmann
6.   Dennis Sitzmann
7.    Rodney Whitacker
8.   Juan Rangel
9.   Thomas Hume
10. Jim Branch
11.  Elizabeth Branch

Below are the children of number 10 and number 11. So very cute and so very fast.

Like mom and dad.

Kate Branch (11) finished 2nd in her age group. Big brother Alex (12) finished 2nd Overall. AMAZING.



Trevin Peters (9) was the second place finisher in 4th grade. And second in his age group. AWESOME.

My son and I were signed up to run the 5K. As I stumbled to the coffee pot in the dark last Saturday, my mind was telling me to do the Fun Run because other than PE and rec league football, my 9 year old had not run any distance.

I discussed this with him and he agreed to the one mile.

We dressed. Bundled up in the car and headed to Rutledge where the race started.

As the car bumped over the train tracks out of town my son said, “Mom. I really want to run the 5K.”

I explained again how I didn’t think he was trained. Code for — you will have a meltdown half way through.

“Mom. I want to have a sense of accomplishment today, then wake up for my birthday tomorrow.”

What’s a mom to say to that?

Participating in an organized event and crossing the finish line is all about accomplishing something.

Never be discouraged — no matter your place. Everyone who completed the distance finished ahead of everyone who stayed in bed.

My son and I started the three miles and all was great till .87 miles when he asked if we were almost done.

That’s when I started pointing out the cows.




We got the to the turn around and I needed motivation for a nine year old who wanted to accomplish something.

But had forgotten that fact.





I reached in my sweatshirt pocket and felt some rolled up bills. Change from a twenty I broke earlier in the week.

As we walked along the asphalt, I pulled out the roll. “I will give you this money — no matter how much it is — if you finish without complaining.”

148.    Joe Miles,     48:37.7

149.    Jamie Miles  48:43.1



Keener said that she and her co-chair Kristi Fridell, worked great together in months of preparation before the big day.

“It was a lot of fun. A lot of hard work — but we were a great team.”

How much did the Trick or Trot raise for the school?

Are you ready?

The profit was over $11,000.

That’s a lot of wrapping paper.

Thanks so much to two very talented ladies.

Have you ever run — walked — a 5K with a child?  Bribery or no.


Linking up with the fabulous Greta@gfunkieds and Sarah@sundayspill for #iPPP.



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“We Can’t Be Beat.” A football prayer I will miss. #aweekinmylife

Well, linking up again with and A Week in My Life 2012.




Wait a minute. That’s not the sunrise. That’s how the day ended.

My day started much earlier when the alarm rang.



That was a.m. Ouch.

Made it to spin at 5:37

Seven minutes late. (And it’s just a matter of blocks from my house.)

I spinned.

Got home. Rousted kids.

Got in the car.

Got stopped by a train.

This is always a risk you take going the back way from middle school to other schools.


Tebow with his usual bored look out the window.

Lots went on the rest of the day — and I finally got a shower and headed up to the high school for an 8 year-old football game.

Couldn’t find make-up, but sacrificed beauty to be somewhat on time for game.


A few moments from the game.

The last game of my 8 year-old’s season.



A whole season went by and I never remembered to clip his chinstraps. Till the game.



The game ended in a tie.

After they turned their pads in, the teammates said or yelled their post game prayer one last time.

And this is what I will miss most of all.



How was your October 23, 2012?

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The bike, the cows and me. A video short. (Or short video.)

I made love to my bike.


No, as I blogged earlier I’ve begrudgingly hopped on my road bike again not because I’m getting old.

It’s just that my knees are.

I’d rather run but I have been riding more.

Like today.

Honestly, I didn’t want to go. It takes more time. There are lots of hills. There always seems to be a lone speeding car that skims my left thigh.

But once I get out there, it is so nice.

I took pictures.

Wanting to capture the silence of it all, I videoed a field of cows — until I talked over it.

Came home and put this spectacular movie together. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I will do to avoid cleaning house.

Do you ride? In the city or amongst the cows?



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Musing on Brunswick Stew and Barbecue. Helping out our friend Rick.

Brunswick Stew.

Did you know that it is made of pork, beef and chicken? I think it is anyway. I wasn’t taking notes — I was stirring.

So many of our community gathered in Bostwick today, to eat some barbecue and raise money to help our dear friends, the Spences, offset medical expenses they incurred while Rick, husband and father, was going through cancer treatment.

It’s just been a week since our friend Rick left us. So hard to believe, but all this cooking gave us a way to do something.

The Main Event.


Bucky Malcom and crew started these fellows late yesterday afternoon. They cooked over 12 hours.

And then this morning, lots of folks started pulling and chopping the dickens out of those roasted pigs.


I was on the Brunswick stir crew.



Keep it from sticking on the bottom. It became very clear, you didn’t want to be the one whose pot burned.



Inside they formed an assembly line to fix the plates and the to-go boxes.




Shannon and Cindy Spence. Rick’s much loved sister and mother.



And then the people came and came and came.

A few still trickled in an hour after the lunch was scheduled to end.


They fixed quarts of leftover meat and stew. So if you’d like some just leave a comment and I can contact my stew sources.

Though the rain affected the numbers for the ride, it didn’t dampen anyone’s appetite.

In Morgan County, people care about barbecue and more importantly —  they care deeply for each other.


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Musing on the Premier of “Cold and No Bleachers. Morgan County @Greene County.”

Okay. I didn’t take enough pictures of the defense. I didn’t take enough pictures of my daughter. I took too many pictures of Coach Huff. 

These were some of the observations by my children after watching my video repose of the Bulldogs visit to Greene County Friday night.

Morgan County won 35 – 7.


Regarding the complaint about lack of defensive pictures, there were very small risers on visiting side because the stadium was undergoing renovations.

I shot what I could ground level.

So there are photos of Astro Turf.

No lanes on the track.

The band sitting on folding chairs.


I guess I got a lot of Coach Huff. But I thought I was getting him and Coach Malone.

Go Figure.

Basically whatever was on the sidelines —  I got great shot of.

And then my son. It was his last regular season game for high school. EVER.

Great season Bulldogs.

Can’t wait to head to Augusta for first round of playoffs Friday night.

Are you going?

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Musing on (dare I say it) a loss….via texts.

Lots of new Morgan County fanwear.

Ever had one of those days where you’re hitting on all cylinders, then there’s a voice mail from the school. The nurse thinks your child has Streptococcus Bacteria.


So I stayed home from the game.

Husband took camera. I  hung out at home switching between House Hunters International and Chopped.

And receiving his texts.

 *            *           *

Lamar County v. Morgan County Game Report via texts between husband and me.

*            *            *

7:31 pm.  —  They scored on opening kickoff!

                 —   7-7.

7:47 pm. —   They are ahead 14-7. Long run.

8:12 pm.  —  Still the 14-7? R u taking pics.

                  —  Another long run for bad guys 21-7

                  —  No

                 —   Ouch. Take pics – one or two. How’s Jake doing

Lots of excited fans in stands.


                 —  Jake is doing good. We just fumbled.

                 —   We intercepted (Andrew Couch) and scored! 21-14

                 —  Yay

9:04 pm    — What’d going on?

                  —   21-21. Long run by Nick

                  —  They are back in lead 27-21. Missed extra point.

9:20 pm     —  We are back up 27-28. My aching back.

                     —  Oh gosh.

                     —  R u taking pics?

9:32 pm       —  No. They are back in the lead 35-28.

                     —  Ack

                     —  Take a pic. Even if back of someone’s head.

9:48 pm        —  What’s going on

                        —  Tied 35-35 47;5 left

                      —   Oh. Take a pic of scoreboard.

10:01 pm         — Overtime.

10:15 pm         —   What’s going on

                         —  We didn’t score their turn.

                        —   Poop

                        —   What’s happenin

                           —  They made their field goal. We lose.

                           —  That stinks.

Poop on a popsicle stick.


So that was it. The Bulldogs experienced their first defeat…not by much.

They looked great and will take it out on Putnam County at Bill Corry Stadium next week.

G* Bldgs!



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Musing About Friday Night Lights on Tuesday. @MorganCoHS beats Monticello. Do you know where your child is?

Monticello, Georgia.

Home of Trisha Yearwood and the Monticello Hurricanes.

We went down last Friday night. Most of Morgan County made it down for the game. So my,

Story of the Game.

It was crowded. And we won 16-0.

Third straight shutout.


It was hard to find a parking spot. And even harder to find a place to sit in stands.

I got a good front row seat.

It was crowded on the front row.

I did get to sit with the cheerleader moms which was fun.

They were discussing a lot of responsibilities about a competition @MorganCoHS was hosting in the morning.

After looking over Agnes Jones’ shoulder at the checklist, I decided I make a much better journalist/football player mom than cheerleader mom with responsibilities.

 Got to see the Campbell warming up.


It was rather terrifying how hard that ball went into the net. Kept thinking is if he missed, some pretty cheerleader is going to need a lifetime dental plan STAT.


Decided to see how crowded the restrooms were.


Along the way, I noticed the water girls had lots of space.

Not so in the bathroom. But I had been forewarned about the tight acommode-ations by Diane Hutcheson. Though she neglected to mention the overflowing trash can.

Good to see that most females will wash their hands after using potty.

Then I got dinner.

It’s 9:30 p.m. in Monticello, Georgia. Do you know where your children are?

Quite a lot of middle-schoolers stayed in this dark, dirt corner playing with a ball the entire game (like hot potato).  Of course, it’s been a long time since I was in 6th grade and thought ANY activity with my friends at night, away from my parents’ eyesight was SUPER.

But this???

Take a head count moms.

Jack Speyer was accounted for.

As was his big sister, Annie. (At least till half time, then she disappeared for about 6 hours. Oh no,  I stand corrected. It was her father who disappeared for 6 hours. )

Ruth, James was there the entire game. Until some girl couldn’t resist his boyish charm and good looks and messed with his tie.

There was a big crowd of football players and cheerleaders celebrating after the game.

Noticed my son stay on the periphery of the dance. Must take after his father.

Or he might not like crowds. Hopefully, for his future wife that is the case — if she likes to dance — like a certain someone.

*     *     *

It was a great win for the Bulldogs. Coach Malone and staff…a big Hurrah!

This Friday night Lamar County comes to Billy Corry Stadium. Word on the street is that this will be a test.

Word in my house is that it is Elementary School night and all elementary students in free.

But I’m just a mom with a blog reporting information from the lips of my 5th grader.

Come out Friday night. It’s a lot of fun.

I can promise it won’t be as crowded. Though honestly, aren’t the best parties when you can hardly move?

(But that’s an entirely different post.)

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Today’s Muse. Channeling Mother. College Admission Night @MorganCoHs.

Last night Morgan County High School held a college information session for seniors and parents.

Good news is I remembered to be there.

That’s also the bad news.

But I pulled-on my big girl Romper Stompers and waded into the morass of college selection, admission testing, and counterfeiting bills smaller than 50 to somehow pay for all of this.

 *  *  *



Pardon me, nice lady representing Georgia College. Could you e-mail the information to my mother? She’s terribly good at organizing things from weddings to cookie sheets.

I’m more of a student of life. I excel at parties, dancing and intramural sports.

Just ask her. She’ll confirm this.

*  *  *

Last night my college admission learning curve sky-rocketed.

I heard about specific schools in four breakout sessions (from 13 choices).

And I learned about a fabulous web site that can help even the most tremulous hiding-behind-her-mother’s-skirt motherGA College 411.

It covers everything from financial aid, to finding a college and a career that’s a perfect match for your child.

There’s even a college planning timeline that starts in 7th grade. For seniors, it breaks down each month of this last year giving tips on what to do at each point in the process.

There are practice SAT and ACT questions.

They explain changes with the Hope Scholarship.  A useful tool can pull up your student’s transcript and configure how their GPA stands with Hope.

So there is no excuse for not being on top of your game when it comes to helping a child apply to schools.

 * * *

Even me.

Standing here with my Romper Stompers cinched up to my clavicle.

Any advice on how to navigate this process…in 6-inch plastic platforms?



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Today’s Muse. Last night’s scrimmage. @MorganCoHs v. @CHS_Eagles.

MADISON, GA —  Last night’s scrimmage was against Columbia High School, a 3A school from Atlanta. In the interest of journalistic integrity, they are actually in located in Decatur off Columbia Ave.

You can follow their basketball team on Twitter. I chose not to follow them at this time because I haven’t reason to. I am not a sports journalist. 

I am a mom with a blog.

With that disclaimer….

Story of the game:


*  Rain delay.

Rain and lightening caused two delays (and eventually ended game at half). Both teams played about 15 plays. Three drives each.

The first delay happened with 9:07 left in 1st Quarter. This resulted in a nice social hour.

I caught up on Aubie Knight’s chase for a 4:30 in the Savannah Marathon this November. Robin Couch’s life in a frat house. (At least that’s how she described summer with a house full of her boys and their friends.) And once again I marveled at how Rhonda Spence keeps the same adorable figure — year after year after year.

So much for the rain delay.

* Speed Kills.

The Eagles dripped speed. A misstep by the Bulldogs and that was it.

Before the game, my son said the DE he was to line up against committed to Auburn.

At the game, I heard six guys committed to Div. I schools.

After the game, my husband said they had five guys committed. Two to SEC,  two to ACC and one to Ohio State (That’s the Big Ten.)

Today at Hibbets, Ray Stapleton said he heard they had four athletes committed.

So if you want the real scoop, tweet the Eagles. For remember:

I am just a mom with a blog.

But I feel safe in saying they brought some great athletes to Bill Corry Stadium last night.

* Game Summary

The Bulldogs were losing 14-0 at the half when they called the game due to weather.

That said,

It was just a few big plays that resulted in points.

One rushing touchdown happened after a defensive unsportsmanlike penalty on the Bulldogs gave the Eagles another shot after the Bulldogs had stopped them at the goal-line on 3rd and 4.

The other was a long breakaway pass and run from the young man attending THE Ohio State University. (I guess someone surely told him about the Jim Tressel thing before he signed on the dotted line.)

It was just to be nice sitting with friends in the stands again. A happy fifteenth birthday today to #26 Jack Speyer. Learned that visiting with his mother last night.

That’s what I do best. Sit, chat and pull for those sweet youngun’s wearing the Red and Black.

for I am

Just a mom with a blog.

Home Opener, August 26 against Walnut Grove (Not to be confused with China Grove a song by the Doobie Bros that I remember listening to on a little black AM transistor radio.)

What was your take on the game last night?






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