Ten Favorite Photos of 2013.

We’re about halfway through the year right?

I wonder how I’m doing so far? New Year’s Resolutions? Goals? Achievements?

Well, all my children are still here and healthy. I’m still married. Though hubby thinks I’ve been a little ticky since returning from my 9-year-old’s road trip delight.

What can I say? Being a nine year old at my age is a little wearing.

Linking up with Stasha’s Monday Listicles: 10 Favorite Photos.

I decided to choose 10 Favorites since January 1. This turned out to be harder than I thought to narrow it down to 10.


10.  January 2013




Turning into Andalusia, the home of Flannery O’ Conner, when I was down in Milledgeville for an interview. My father had just died and seeing the place and knowing the story of her life overwhelmed me with emotion.


9.  January. My daughter dying her hair blue.


Enough said.

8.     February.


Capturing this little critter while visiting Mum in Florida. No telling how many of these I caught as a child.

7.   February — Disney Princess Half Marathon.


On the bus  from hotel with family, traveling to pick up our race packets. This is a friendly reminder from my husband how he only does these things because he loves me.

Or maybe this picture is.


6.   March. Spring Break.


Spring Training makes me happy.

5.  March. Me and hubby in Las Vegas. I like this one because it reminds me of sitting outside watching the NCAA basketball tournament. And frozen margaritas.


4.  May. Field Trip to High Museum.


3.   May. Mother/Daughter overnight shopping trip into Atlanta.


She shopped, texted and I paid for things.

2.   May. Perfect Mother’s Day for me.


1.  June.  Spending the day at the beach with my youngest. Teaching him to build drip castles and scoop up periwinkles.


Those are my 10 — Well, there is one more.

We stopped by to visit my Dad on the way out of town a few days ago.


What are your half-way highlights of 2013?


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Even I could have done better than Smashing Pumpkins.

This should  be a post about how wonderful my Mother’s Day was  . . .

Because it was.

But I read the prompt for this week’s Monday Listicles and I couldn’t resist.

Ten Horrible Band Names.


10.   The John Miles Band

Just kidding. But there really is a John Miles band. (That’s my husband’s name BTW)


Yup. There’s my husband. No silly. But when we met he did have this cassette.


9.   Smashing Pumpkins

I’m sure there’s a story there. But I don’t know it.


8.  Toad the Wet Sprocket

Once again. No clue.


7.  Meatloaf


Guess this really is more of a person that a band. But still.


6.  Nine Inch Nails

Just disturbing.


5.  Boyz II Men

Duh. Talk about stating the obvious.


4.   Bowling for Soup

Really? This was the best that they could come up with?


3.  WHAM!




Okay. I love them. But still. With a name like WHAM I think an ! is superfluous.


2.  Yaz



This was my college soundtrack.

I wore out two of these cassettes and have the CD in my collection.


1.  The Beatles

Accuse me of sacrilege. But it’s really rather an odd name when you think about it.


Can you think of any I forgot?


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All You Need Is Love. And nine other wonderful freebies.


Who doesn’t want something wonderful that doesn’t cost anything — especially these days.

That’s our task with for Stasha’s Monday List this week.

Ten things I love that cost nothing.


10.    Fresh picked azaleas from the bush outside my bedroom window.

9.      Looking out at the Gulf of Mexico on a hot July day.

8.      Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico on a hot July day.

7.      Running or Walking with friends otherwise known as free therapy.

6.      A good, long stretch.

5.      A tall, ice-cold glass of water on a summer’s day.

4.      Sitting in the sun with my face up turned.

3.      My husband’s kisses. Those long ones where his lips are really soft. Not those where he is imagining everything that could go wrong at the office or those obligatory pecks as a runs out the door every morning.

2.      A foot massage. When I can talk my husband into giving me one.

1.      Love.  Well,  love that is not a result of what I do or say but because of who I am or more accurately — love in spite of who I am.


What to do you think? What is a thing you love that costs you nothing?




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My bitty baby book.

Once a baby girl was born.

She was average in every way.

Well, maybe a little taller than average but she hit the mean on all of life’s other details — with one major exception.

From her day of birth, she wrote.


Her teensy chubby, formula-bulked fingers started penning a book of her life.

From day one. And as the pages filled, this is how it went . . .


Chapter One:  I can’t wait till I can eat veggies and not drink milk all the live-long day.

Chapter Two:  Strained carrots are okay, but my teeth are dying to crunch down on something. A hearty substance to fill me.

Chapter Three:  Sure being an only child is nice, but I need a baby brother or sister to fulfill me.

Chapter Four:  Having a sister is fine but all she does is lay around and mess up her pants. What I need is a social life. Time for Preschool.

Chapter Five:  Preschool is for babies. Give me Run Dick Run.

Chapter Six:  Grade School is okay, but high school + car keys will = happy.

Chapter Seven: I’m bored with the same old beaches and same old sand. I need to head out west to college. Then life will be great.

Chapter Eight:  College is so yesterday. Law School will be the answer.

Chapter Nine: Law School was not the answer.

Chapter Ten: I’ll get married to this nice John fellow. He’ll make me happy.


It’s funny, the little writing girl is fixing to be quite middle-aged this July.

She’s finally realized the next chapter in life is not what is going to make her happy.

Happy is where she is now.

If she chooses to be.

Linking up with Stasha (for an extra special treat, follow her @Northwestmommy on Instagram ) and Terri’s suggestion for this week’s Listicle:


What are some chapters in your story?

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10 Reasons I Rock Superhero Status.

Staring at my reflection in the mirror this morning, I looked pretty average.

Even when I turned and gave my best back-of-book-jacket, author-type smile.

Wearing a gray t-shirt with Gators in script across the front, there wasn’t an orange and blue satin cape draped my shoulders.

Yet our task with Stasha and this Monday’s Listicles is to list: 10 THINGS YOU DID THAT MADE YOU FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO.

So here I go:


10:  I ate steel cut oats for breakfast this morning.

Okay. I added brown sugar, honey, raisins, walnuts and strawberries but for about 15 minutes afterwards, I could leap an Easy Bake Oven in a single bound.

9.     I rode 30 miles on my bike yesterday.

This was because of an unexpected detour around a bridge that was out. And felt like crawling in a ditch for a nap around mile 25 — but I made it home.


Okay. 29.09 is not 30 but Superhero Swimmers always round up on the bike.

Okay. 29.09 is not 30 but Superhero Swimmers always round up on the bike.


8.     I ran/walked a 5K with my child Saturday after only one cup of coffee.

A tactical error that will never happen again.


7.     I manage to get a 9 year old to read and complete his homework most every night.

This is in spite of the fact he would exist on nothing but steel cut oatmeal the rest of his life rather than add 2 + 2.


6.    Did I mention having oatmeal for breakfast?


5.      I stayed awake till 9:25 last night.

And managed to get up from the couch to clean and uber-moisturize my face before falling back asleep in bed.


4.      The kids have gotten out the door by 7:45 for five school days in a row.

After a string of tardies and leaving no earlier than 8:05 every morning prior — I resulted to bribery. Don’t judge a superhero.


3.      No cavities for me in about 20 years.

Well, maybe one. Not really sure.


2.      My bed is made.

And I did sleep in it last night. (See number 5.)


1.     It’s 10:30 a.m. and I already have dinner in the oven.


What about you? What makes you a superdiva?








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What is that I smell?

Monday, Monday.

It’s the start of the children’s Spring Break, woo. So why not start of the party week with Stasha and a Listicle. This week our prompt was suggested by Kerry @ New2Two.

Ten of our favorite smells.

10. An outdoor wood fire.

9.  Movie Theater with Popcorn.

8.  Salt air.

7.  A baby’s head.

6.  Cut grass.

5.  Confederate Jasmine.

4.   Old Spice.

Reminds me of Dad.

3.   Over-powering disinfectant in a public bathroom.

2.   Gasoline.

1.    Any meal that I didn’t have to cook or clean up.

What about you? What is a favorite scent of yours?


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10 Bitty Secret Pleasures.

Ten secret things that bring me joy.

That is our challenge this week for Monday’s Listicles suggested by Wendy at Stamping Rules.

10.  Hand massages.

9.    Foot massages. I’ll stop right there with the body part massages, but just saying I love to have my body kneaded.

8.   Greeting cheek-to-cheek with a person —  Especially, if their cheek is warm and I’ve just come in from a cold day.

7.    Warm hands. Not sweaty. Just nice, dry, warm masculine hands that close around mine. Reminds me of my dad when I was a little girl. Used to call his grasp the toaster.

6.    Bare feet in furry slippers. This is a sad subject for me for I misplaced ALL my slippers. Our recent nosedive in temperatures this weekend added to my misery.

5.    Pretzels dipped in sour cream. 


4.    Being alone. I say this is a secret pleasure because who wants to admit they love being alone? Makes me sound like a hobbit. Or worse. A hermit.

3.    Real Housewives of AnyCity. But I draw the line at Big Rich Texas or Atlanta. Those are so low that I need to take a shower after watching.

2.    Listening to my daughter play a musical instrument. I haven’t any musical talent. I love to hear her practice while I ramble around the house. Especially those days when she isn’t grumbling about practicing under her breath.

1.     Driving my children to school. On a good day. When we are not late and there has been no bloodshed while getting out the door on time. The day is just starting and holds such promise. A blank slate to get so much accomplished.  Hmm.  Then somehow I seem to lose focus.


What about you? Have a secret pleasure that you can share?

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10 Gifts that would be better to give than receive.

I’m not a gift person. This Christmas (by agreement) my husband and I didn’t exchange gifts. You know what?

I didn’t even notice. If I sit there with my coffee on Christmas morning watching others tear red wrapping paper covered in bubble-shaped penguins in a frenzy, I’m a happy gal.

Maybe this is not so altruistic? Maybe it’s that when I want something, I get it. No delayed gratification waiting for gifts for me. No sir.

Our Monday Listicle for this week:  10 “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” GIFTS.

10. Pets.

I love animals. Then they poop in my house, need feeding, need soaking (which I did to Cinderella our tortoise yesterday). Please save the pet drama for someone else.


9.  Electronics.

My dear husband has pushed me into the 21st Century and given me every electronic gadget I have. They crowd my time and free space in my brain. Try as I might, I’ve yet to figure out how to back up my gray matter on an iCloud.


8.  Fish.

Does this fall into pets? I don’t like cleaning water or worrying about the proper temperature. I am responsible for their entire existence.

Guess I’m glad that God doesn’t get so aggravated in keeping our universe going.


I guess I should move this in the realm of Valentine’s gifts.


7.  Stuffed animals.

I didn’t care for these at age nine; I don’t at 49. And if you sent me a teddy bear in a teddy, let me just say hell hath no furry.

6. Chocolates.

I’m giving up sweets for Lent and Ash Wednesday is the 13th.


5. Perfume.

I’m not against smelling nice, I just don’t wear it. My daughter comes in my room and puts on my perfume. When I remind her that I gave her an Aeropostale fragrance for Christmas, she replies that she doesn’t want to use hers up.


4.  Anything work-related.

My husband does this — new lamp, new pens. Just stresses me out. I feel like I should be working.


3.   Roses.

This is a half truth. I love getting flowers. I don’t care for roses any more than other flowers so don’t spend the extra money. Honestly, I only like roses growing in a garden where I can bend down and inhale.


2. A Massage.

Joke. I would love a massage a week for an entire year. I just figured out the most absolute, most perfect gift for me ever.


1.  Really, now all I can think about is gifts I would love.

1,200 thread count sheets

Nice, silky sleepy things.


Got it. Jewelry. Please don’t worry about spending any money on me with jewelry. I only really like the cheap costumey stuff.

Honestly Just worship me and I’m a happy girl.

That’s not too much to ask right?

What about you? What is on your “don’t even think about it” list for Valentine’s Day.

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Burial ground for old grocery lists.

Linking up with Stasha @The Good Life and another list. Because it’s Monday and stopping by her blog always makes me smile.

This week at Ducky’s @BatCrap Crazy suggestion we are listing 10 things in our purse.

So I dumped out my bag.



10.  Reading glasses.  

One of the items that causes PANIC if I can’t find a pair when I need them.

9.  Keys to my Dad’s car.

Mom let us take my dad’s car back with us.  (My dad died last New Year’s Eve). It sits in our driveway making me sad. I think she gave it to us so it wouldn’t be sitting in her driveway making her sad.

It has come in handy because my tires are shot and when I have to travel more than 10 miles — like later this week — I can hope in Dad’s car and go.

8.  Wallet.

Crammed with everything imaginable except cash.

7.  AAA Batteries.

This must be from an recent interview. I switched out the low ones from my recorder and stuffed them in my purse.

6.  A Pen.

5.  Lipstick

I started this purse a few months ago with three different tubes in three different shades. The remaining tube is my least favorite. Which explains why I’m not wearing a lot of lipstick lately.

4.  Keys to my car with the bad tires.

That I usually drive everywhere around town. And if I should get into an accident that could be caused slick tires — all this stuff about my car having bad tires is utter fabrication from my sick mind.

3. Old grocery lists.

Surprised there aren’t more of those crammed in there. They usually hang round for months like old batteries.

My purse is where old grocery lists go to die.

2. Checkbook.

My wallet was too full to handle my checkbook. I kept throwing my checkbook in my bag and all the checks kept getting scrunched and torn. So I found an old baggie in there one day and put my crumbled checkbook in there.

Don’t say I’m not a recycle bunny.

1. Church program.

Look Mom, I was in church today no matter what my Twitter stream said.

What about your bag? Right now?

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A dream is a wish your heart makes. Then the phone rings.

Interruptions while blogging or making life plans. Did things turn out like you dreamed as a child?

That’s our list this Monday: 10 THINGS YOU THOUGHT AS A CHILD YOU WOULD DO/BE.


As a young one I wanted to grow up and:


10.  Own a thoroughbred — who happens to win Triple Crown.

Nope. Hasn’t happened yet.

Loved this horse. Affirmed.


9.   Be a Sports Journalist.

Me, a microphone and a locker room full of stinky men.

Studied this a bit in college and had a micro-internship at CNN Sports.

Other than that,  hasn’t happened yet.


8.   Be a wife.



7.  Be a mom.

Happened but not the way I planned.


6.   Be a big time litigator. One who could make them fold like Perry Mason EVERY time.

Got the law degree. That’s about it with that one.


5.   Be a marine biologist saving sea turtles.

Nope. But I make sure not to disturb the sticks and orange tape marking their nests when trudging down the sand dunes.


4.    Create award-winning television drama about aristocracy in Britain after WWI.

Drat. Someone beat me to punch on this one.  And I would have never killed off any characters. Ever. Other than maybe a stand-in wash maid who came down with the plague or something bubonic like that.


3.    Be a gorilla.  

Don’t remember this one but Mom said I wanted to be a “mother and a gorilla when I grew up.”




2.   Have my own fishing show.

Still could happen. Or maybe monkeys could fly out of my ears.


1.  Have a blog and make friends world wide on the Internet.

Of course not silly, this wasn’t a childhood dream considering I was already married and a mom when Al Gore invented the World Wide Web.


But it happened. And I’m glad.

What about you? What were your dreams as a child?



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