Musing on Muscle Overload.

Just another day at the office.



This morning my trainer, the lovely Beverly Morris said to me, “Are ready for this?”  

She said it a few times…hmm.  

I did a little goofy white-person dancing thing with my shoulders — which was good because that was the last time I was actual able to feel them.  Audio clue for those who have no idea what I’m talking about.   Ready to Rumble ~ before I lost all feeling in my upper body.  


She was moving around fast and throwing weights at me. I tried be a good sport — not complain. Certainly not take the Lord’s name in vain.    

I was paying for this for pity’s sake.  Unintentional swearing and all.  

I’ve come to look forward to these weight sessions after my knee took a direct hit from a torpedo.   

But today we were overloading the muscle.  

I pay Beverly because she pushes me. There is no way I would do all that to myself in an hour.  

Because it’s not all that pleasant.  

Most of us need someone to push us — to overload us — so we can grow.  

Being pushed is exhausting. And right in the middle of it,  it’s really not fun.  

Because I believe in God — not like a nice happy higher power — but a true sovereign Being. I got it.  

He overloads us. Pushes to places we wouldn’t dare go ourselves. Yet He’s always there making sure the weight doesn’t come crashing down on our skull.  

Has He been pushing you lately?  

I’m going to stop now…because it hurts to type.

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Musing on a crammed life.

No bras were harmed in this post. 


But when I saw my drawer this morning and thought of what I was going to blog, I thought…that’s it.

Besides all women over the age of 15 probably have a bra in their drawers.

And surely most men have seen a bra. Either with hands on experience or a walk by sighting at Target.


My alarm messed up and I got up two hours behind this morning.  Then I read this scripture…three hours after I wanted to be reading it.

9 “Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun—all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labor under the sun.” Eccl. 9:9 NIV

I looked it up in lots of translations, hoping to get a more positive spin.

9Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your(A) vain life that he has given you under the sun, because that is your(B) portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun.  English Standard Version.

9Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your (A)fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; for this is your (B)reward in life and in your toil in which you have labored under the sun.   NASB

   Relish life with the spouse you love
   Each and every day of your precarious life.
   Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange
   For the hard work of staying alive.
   Make the most of each one!  The Message


Meaningless life, this is your lot in life, vain life, your fleeting, precarious life…Enjoy toiling away because that is your lot in life.

No…I don’t think it’s that bad.

But life is work. Life is short. And each day the sun rises is a gift.

So I’ll continue to cram my days and drawers full.  My children’s clothes might not match and we might be late. I might look a mess with tired eyes and hastily applied concealer.

Lord give me the wisdom to know what to cram into each day…To count everything a gift.

And pretty, please pitiful prayer….

Dear Lord, help me to set the alarm. I am much more effective with an early start to planning all the day’s cramming.

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Musing on beginnings.

I’m at the beach.

Nothing makes me happy as a clam in salt water than being near salt water, salty air, the sound of waves crashing and salty, moist wind on my face and in my hair.

I do have some work…so got up early and shuffled down to the hotel lobby.

I love hotel lobbies early in the morning. It reminds me of working in tourist spots as a girl, when you would hate to get out of bed early to go to work but once you got there, the stillness before the storm of the day’s traffic was intoxicating.

But that is an entirely different post.

Today when the Starbucks opened…I noticed it was lighter outside, so I thought…what could be better than writing outside at the beach?

Then after about 10 minutes of peek-a-boo..

Our star appeared.

 Once she peeked through it was only a matter of minutes before I couldn’t see the computer screen because of the glare.

I’m inside now.

Light is a powerful thing.  Without a sound, it illumines, warms and blasts into our being and onto our techno gadgets.

Beginnings make me happy.

I’m happy — though sitting inside to see my screen hearing how folks want their coffee and as they select their danish.

I wish the brilliant light of dawn — all day — for all of us, this day.

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Musing on sore glutes.


I’ve gone gluten-free.

Ridding my diet of wheat, barley, rye…Oats. (Terrible pity with that one.)

I had lunch with dear friend today and I shared my newest “thing” with her.

“That’s so hard Jamie.”

Yes, but that’s what we do searching for answers when what we love gets jerked out from under us…or our knee explodes. We try new things.

And as we left the restaurant, I limped down the hill to my car. Why?

My hamstrings and glutes screamed!

I’ve worked with a trainer for about four weeks now.  I don’t know what we did this week…but my rear is KILLING me.

So between my rear, my toe and my knee – I feel about 110 years young. Nothing sexier than a limping, wincing, perimenopausal  woman.

Why do my glutes hurt and why am I worrying about unlocking the key to my diet — ridding my self of wheat and sniffing for toxins and hormones in labels like a mouse who stumbled a block of Parmesan? (My new crave.)

Why do any of us work out?

To be more attractive than we would be if we just sat on the couch or behind the computer screen.

Now the diet changes have made me feel better — but I am sorry, even when we lose weight for health — 99.9999 percent of us are thrilled to look better.  We exercise for Beauty. Or at least not saggy flab.

Or to have a rear that doesn’t start at our waist and drop to the back of our knee.

If anyone doesn’t agree –

I don’t believe you.

If we could only see ourselves on the inside. Before we were rejected by the girl for the Prom or the boy for Sadie Hawkins. Before we had children and gained weight. Before health issues arose that made it impossible to workout (I’m talking serious health issues.) Before we became addicted to things that make us feel like our insides look like a pig’s pen on a bad day.

This song might be my favorite song right now. It perfectly expresses in words and music — what I know to be the truth for each of us.

It’s been out a while, but if you haven’t heard it just listen…

Take a couple of minutes and open your ears,

Open your mind, and

Open your heart.

MercyMe – Beautiful (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: MercyMe

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Musing on what is church for?

What is church for?

I’ve been slowly making my way through 1 Corinthians. Taking Paul’s  letters in chronological order. I’ve read Galatians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Then came his letter to the Corinthian church. Do you know how beautiful Corinth was? And that it was on an isthmus? Do you know what an isthmus is? I learned.

Released to Public: Isthmus of Corinth, December 1999 (NASA)

This is a shot from space. Corinth stood in that 4 mile stretch of land (the isthmus) connecting Greece —  Athens in the north and all the other wonderful parts of Greece in the south.

Now here’s the cool part. There were two sea ports on either end.Instead of traveling around the southern end of Greece which was dangerous, the larger ships would unload cargo and have it transported across the isthmus to another boat waiting at the other port.

Get this.

Smaller ships would be placed on rollers and dragged across the land to the other port to head out again into the Mediterranean. I just need to that job for a few months. No need for personal trainer after a day of  pulling boats 4 miles, no way.

This mean lots of sailors everywhere…if you get my drift.

Other than pulling boats and eating, sex and all assorted debaucheries reigned.

No wonder Paul was fearful of going there. (Can you believe Paul was apprehensive about anything?)

“I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling,” 1 Cor. 2:3.

But it all worked out…yay. Those Corinthians were a randy, prideful lot. Kind of reminds me of our Western culture —

I’m over my 250 word count so must leave thoughts on what church is for — till tomorrow.

One reason I get into studying these books is because I’m a closet history geek. It’s much more fun when you don’t have to study for a multiple choice test on Friday.

Nero, the Roman Emperor, tried to build a canal across the ithmus but failed. One was completed in 1893.


 Do you have any ideas re church…What is it for?

Now this is what I'm talking about...

 This awesome picture from Dimitris Kilimis @

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Musing on cleaning t-shirts.

Mondays. The day of the week I look ahead and plan the next 5 days.

My alarm was set at 4:15.

I got up at 5:30.

And after sitting down, I realized how woefully behind I was.


Then my husband found these two t-shirt in the middle of his work shirts from the laundry.

I paid $4 for them to be professionally laundered.

The Magic one — a giveaway from a game — might have been worth it. The other — an Auburn shirt. please.

I just paid $2 to clean an Auburn t-shirt.

* I could have had a cup of coffee at Perk.

* Bought an impulse Coke Zero while waiting at Ingles checkout.

* Paid 2/13 for some new slippers. Since the dog has chewed up another pair.

* Rented a movie.

* Bought a large order of waffle fries at Chick-fil-A.

My husband said I’ll never change. I never stop feeling behind and taking t-shirts in a pile of dress shirts to the laundry.

This post could have gone two ways…honest or lie and inspire.

I chose both…without the lying part.

I need to become more organized though it goes against every (almost) cell in my body.

But I am seeing little bits of progress.

I already bought a chicken this to make homemade chicken-noodle soup (the BEST soup in world). So no running to fast food this crazy Monday night.

Into Atlanta today. So must go…so not late for class. I have a long histotry of showing up late for class.

Go figure.

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The Doctor is in ~ let the healing begin.

After a rather large temper tantrum last night, I decided to put my purple band back on. So I’m at Day One again with my No Complaining pledge. Can’t waste this post on that…must talk about,  

My knee. 

 Many of you know I hurt my knee terribly beginning of October. Many of you know that I haven’t seen a doctor about it.  (Lots of shaking heads and how could you not have gone to a doctor looks.)  


Finishing the Disney Marathon last year. My knee was thinking; sure she's happy now but running 26 miles with me is going to cost her.

Doctors cost money and there is this thing ~  


that we have had major trouble with the last two years. And I have not wanted to race to the doctor to be told that I may never run again. Earlier this week I went into Atlanta to have a birthday lunch with a very dear friend. She knows me as someone who has known you for decades knows you. When she heard about my knee she said, “Hal could see you.”  

Hal’s her husband, an orthopedic surgeon.   

I really didn’t want to bother Hal and I really didn’t want to  bother Hal to hear bad news about my knee. But my friend is a good friend and wouldn’t let up.  

So I followed her to his office. (This hard to do because she drives like a manic and in Atlanta they keep moving things, building things and the trees are so much taller than when we left.)  

But here’s the cool part

We get to the office. Open the door into the waiting room with all the sad people with bad backs, shoulders, knees and faces to match — and walk up to another door.  

My friend opens that door, waves at the front desk people and keeps walking back. Back by hundreds of examining rooms with closed doors, back by other doctor’s offices till we find Hal.  

He seems surprised to see us — nice — but I could tell this wasn’t the best time. He said,”Do you have a minute to wait?” My friend told him no, “Jamie has to head back to Madison.”  

I’m thinking about the poor guy with the bad knee lying in the room Hal was going into – as we head into another room. I lay back and Hal looks at my knee, asks me tons of questions  —  

And in less than five minutes he tells me what he thinks happened…  

Boom. Just like that.

He knew.   

My joint is whole. I just came very close to dislocating my knee cap. I need to do exercises to strengthen my quads. He showed me exercises then said..  

“You probably can start running in a week or so.”

Why when we’ve messed up do we try running to friends, running to self help stuff, listening to tapes, complaining that we have no insurance — thinking we’re stuck?  

If believers,

why don’t we run to God, to his Word and spend time with him. He has the answers. Not well-meaning friends or Internet psyche sites. Like my knee, it’s not going to happen overnight.   

Rehabbing our brain takes work.

And sometimes we still throw temper tantrums. But our Father is waiting. We have free access. It’s so much better to know the truth than to waste life guessing how to fix things. Or worse — running around thinking we’re broken and nothing can be done to fix us. It’s just my lot in life to have a bum knee.   

That’s a lie.   

A dear friend, dragged me to someone who healed  — my mind– about my knee.   



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Today’s transforming treasure muse. Keeping priorities in line.

Sally still thought priorities a dirty word. They challenged her tendency to be content with life in a clump of oysters, in the mud, at the bottom of the bay.

John Ed speaks of the checkbook test. Look at your checkbook register and that will tell you where your priorities lie. 

Of all the things my dear Atlanta pastor, Don Harp, used to say ~ this was one of the top three. “What would someone looking at your checkbook think was important to you?” 

Makes me think on two things: 

Does anyone have a check book anymore? 

I never had much luck with one. 

And let’s not get personal.

Numbers, subtraction — a smidge of addition every now and then.  It took discipline to mark things down the minute you spent it to head off trouble later. 

That’s why giving to needs to come first. Off the top. 

Because subtractions always come.And the chances you have enough left to give what you originally intended grow dim. 

Each day, there is something I should have done that I didn’t get around to. Multiple that by a week, then a year. 

Over a lifetime, that’s a lot of things  left undone. 

Priorities might not be such a bad thing. 

This was not our house last night. I definitely would not wear pearls with that check skirt.

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Musing on Prayer. Day 9 ~ Prayer Defined.

Sitting at the bottom of the bay for hours ~ Sally had lots of time to think.


 “There are moments when whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knee ~ Victor Hugo. 

Mathison writes,”Prayer is just talking to God.” 

I think. I think a lot. I guess that’s why I write. It’s just thinking that finally comes out some way in some form. 

Because I think a lot, it’s always been easy for me to talk to God. It’s become the most natural thing in the world. I know that God must get a bit bored with it. I bore myself. 

He loves it when we turn to Him — with the mundane or dramatic. 

Of all that I’ve read these last nine days, this one statement I agree with completely. Reflecting on the well-known saying “Prayer changes things,” he writes… 

“I’m not sure prayer changes things, but I know that prayer changes people, and people change things.”

It changes me. Not that I’m perfect. When I come up short, I talk to Him about that. 

The more we spend time in prayer with God, the more it becomes a conversation. As well as commenting on the lovely blue sky, the beauty of the rain (when it finally comes) and dear cat that strolls up to rub your leg; we listen to His reply. 

Not that I’m not never sad, questioning or pity-party tantrum mad — but I  never feel rejected or alone. 

God hungers for our attention. Spend some time talking with Him today — you can feel His pleasure. 

What are your thoughts on today’s reading? 


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Musing on well water. God really does care.

The woman at the well.

I’ve always heard she went out in the middle of the day because she didn’t want to be seen by the other women. She who had been married five times.

But I don’t think she really cared. Sometimes you get so used to being on the outside that you put up a shield the likes of the hull of the USS Indiana, a few looks and murmurs from other busybodies isn’t going to bother you.

So she had to be thirsty as Matheson claims. She went to the well at mid-day because she had thirst.

Reading her conversation with Jesus, I think she did have a bit of an attitude.

“How is it that you, a Jew, ask for a drink from me, a woman of Samaria?.. “Sir, you have nothing to draw water with, and the water is deep?”

She was used by men, shunned by women and now here comes a Jew asking me to draw him water?

But she was smart. Smart enough to know that she had made a mess of her life. And mad at the way things had turned out. Not that she would let anyone see. But he knew. He knew everything about her.

It was her intellect Jesus appealed. “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again. but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.” John 4:13.

Never be thirsty again. That proved irresistible to her.

What is it to you?

And I learned that after 5 p.m. I started switching my no complaining band — alot.

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