Oregon or Ohio State?

Ohio State or Oregon. Who’s going to win the first College Football Playoff Championship?


Based on my intensive research which was watching both teams play on New Years Day, here’s my prediction:


Ohio State.

*  They are huge. Or at least appeared that way lined up against Alabama.

*  Cardale Jones looked like he was the biggest guy on the field — who can throw the ball pretty well. As can his receiver.

*   And the Buckeyes are fast. To be so huge.

*   Urban Meyer is a great college coach.



*  Marcus Mariota.  My mom loves him. And he won the Heisman which says something I guess.

*  They are fast. Really fast. They had FSU huffing and puffing. Ohio State was Big Ten faster-than-Bama; the Ducks meet-George-Jetson fast.

*  The Spread Offense is crazy. Got to love that.


So looks like we got a pros on each side. What to do?

Use the never fail Helmet Test.

Yes, ever since Dwayne on What’s Happening revealed the helmet test, it’s my go-to strategy.

Low and behold, I found that clip on YouTube.

Look at 2:00. Yes, “The team with the fanciest helmet wins.”


Of course in Dwyane’s case, he picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Oakland Raiders.

The mid-70s Buccaneers never won a game but they did have great helmets.


That randy pirate.


In the show, the Raiders killed the Bucs. Yet I have quite good luck with selecting the winners with helmets. Unless I bet on the team.

Then they lose.


Okay. Back to tonight.

Well, I’ve examined the photos of the team uniforms for the Championship game.

Good grief.


The publicity stills really don’t give a gal a great look at the side of a helmet

The best that I can tell, Ohio State has a pretty clean helmet — except the stickers. You know, those marijuana leaves.

Okay. They are not marijuana leaves but I’ve thought they looked like that since I was 10. Old habits die hard.

Now’s here where my prejudice comes in. I hate stickers. If your team has the coolest helmet and it’s covered in tomahawks or dog bones or Fruit Loops, I’m probably not picking them. I say probably not because a really, really cool helmet might sway me.

But luckily, I can pick the clear winner, stickers or no.



Yes. Oregon’s got those wings. Pretty cool.

There you have it.

Oregon brings the trophy home to Eugene.


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“We Can’t Be Beat.” A football prayer I will miss. #aweekinmylife

Well, linking up again with Adventeroo.com and A Week in My Life 2012.




Wait a minute. That’s not the sunrise. That’s how the day ended.

My day started much earlier when the alarm rang.



That was a.m. Ouch.

Made it to spin at 5:37

Seven minutes late. (And it’s just a matter of blocks from my house.)

I spinned.

Got home. Rousted kids.

Got in the car.

Got stopped by a train.

This is always a risk you take going the back way from middle school to other schools.


Tebow with his usual bored look out the window.

Lots went on the rest of the day — and I finally got a shower and headed up to the high school for an 8 year-old football game.

Couldn’t find make-up, but sacrificed beauty to be somewhat on time for game.


A few moments from the game.

The last game of my 8 year-old’s season.



A whole season went by and I never remembered to clip his chinstraps. Till the game.



The game ended in a tie.

After they turned their pads in, the teammates said or yelled their post game prayer one last time.

And this is what I will miss most of all.



How was your October 23, 2012?

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The Blue Hose is not all that’s blue in Hoseville.

The Blue Hose is a little odd for a school mascot.

I get that.

But if you say it often enough — “Blue Hose, Blue Hose, Blue Hose” — it becomes the most natural thing in the world like saying, “pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.”

My son is a member of the Presbyterian College football team and their mascot is indeed The Blue Hose.


We were up there on Saturday for their homecoming game.

Lots of blue around.



If you are going to have your hose be a certain color, blue is certainly a great choice for every man, woman, child and bride has something blue.

The school website says the name came from the early 1900’s when sportswriters referred to the team as the “Blue Stockings”.

Throughout the years the name morphed into the Blue Hose and began to align itself with the Scotsman warriors a la . . .


Mel Gibson’s crazed William Wallace in Braveheart. I guess we found out how loony Mel was.

And since long, long ago, when the Protestant Reformation reached the shores of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church eventually became the Church of Scotland — it all works.



It fits together so well, you could almost say it was predestined.

Yes, there was lots of blue hoopla for the Homecoming game.


Unfortunately, the Hose was not victorious.

Leaving the PC faithful, a little — dare I say — blue.


But we recovered enough to take Number 46 out for pizza after the game. Which was not blue, by the way.


What is your school mascot? Can you top the Blue Hose?

 Linking up with Greta @Gfunkied and Julie @Mamamash for another Wednesday’s iPPP.


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The Water Break. #iPPP

For many years I prayed for more children. I thought of all I wished to do with more sweet blessings.

Lunches in the park, long walks in the twilight and shared popcorn at the movies.

Waiting around for over an hour at athletic practice never entered my mind.

But if your child participates in sports, music or any after school activity — you are going to find yourself waiting around.

I used to get out of the car, be social — friendly even. Now I look at that time in the car as a chunk of time to do something productive.

So halfway through practice the other day, up came my little tackler for a water break.

To remove that plastic bottle from his mouth, we needed to summon the jaws of life.

Called back to the field. Of course, he was the only child up by the cars because I was the only parent in a car.

I gave him a little headbutt and he was off.

Back to work for me.

What about you? What do you do with your waiting around time?

Linking up with Greta @gfunkied and Julie @Mamamash for another iPPP.


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Football and screwdrivers.

Sitting in front of the television.

I don’t do it much when it’s daylight outside.

I really don’t do it on a Saturday afternoon.

But football is on and we need to start tackling IKEA boxes.


This was for a loft bed I put together the other night.

Actually it was harder for my hand to mimic this diagram in the directions than to put together the bed.

Though screwing the bed together was much more time consuming.

The difference this afternoon was that my husband was involved.

He opened up the first box and I pointed out that the wood was cracked.

A good start.

He opened up another box and started getting organized.

About half hour into it he started whining.

“Why did we buy all this stuff. We’ll never put it together.”

I went in there, calmed his little panicked-putting-stuff-together self and we got it done.

Good grief, if we couldn’t get a night table upright, there would be noway we get the rest of the stuff every out of the box.

Ta da.

Do you multitask in front of the television? Even when you favorite team is on?

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Musing on kicking a field goal. Or just kicking a ball over my garden.

Missouri to enter the SEC. I wonder if they need a field goal kicker?


We had old friends from Atlanta out to visit.

The kind of friends that you can’t remember whether it’s been four or two years since you last saw each other.

But our children have no clue who each other is….

This is what happens. Moms and Dads are inside having catching up having fun and outside the kids are looking like this.


Then I noticed my son was kicking a football through the V in the pecan tree.

I thought it was time for  me to try.

“Good grief Mom. If you kick it there, it will go through the window.”

I was worried about hiring my knee.


I thought it was time for me to show him how it's done.



It went about 10 feet. It didn’t quite make the first row of lettuce.

I think I could do lots better with practice.

But there are friends I need to go chat with.

Have to leave the hunt for a kicking scholarship for another day.



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Musing on the Blue Hose. Go You Hoseheads.

The last time I wore pantyhose was sometime mid-1990.

It was some variation of flesh-tone. Certainly not blue.

Get this.

Men wear blue hose. It’s like a Scottish Thing. Think Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

When I see picture of Mel with that flowing tangled-mess of hair and blue face it almost makes me forget how really bizarre he ended up.

Welcome to Whoville?


We went to see the Presbyterian College Blue Hose play on Saturday. It was a visit for prospective football players and after a few minutes there having a school team called the Blue Hose seemed well, not so odd. Go figure.

First, we went to a meeting with the coaches. Head Coach Harold Nichols gave a very inspiring talk. I didn’t take pictures. I thought about it — lots.

But I chose to forgo taking pictures at that point in lieu of having my son acknowledge me as his mother for rest of my life.

Finally, I said darn it. I’m a mom with a blog. I have journalistic momblog integrity to consider.


*     *     *

I started snapping away.


Their lockers were all pretty neat. And I didn't notice any locker room smell but my sinuses have been rather irritated of late.

We toured the campus  then had a great lunch with the Homecoming crowd. I should have taken a picture of my plate. EXCELLENT barbecue, fried chicken and everything else.

I ate it all.


The day could not have been more beautiful. I was so very full.


I wanted to nap.

But we went to the game. Go you Blue HOSERS.



Jake hung out on sidelines before game.


Yawn. I tried to stay awake.

Then the cowbells started. We sat behind Number 16’s loved ones.


Lots of scoring by the Blue.


Number 24 had awesome game. Kind of like I used to for the Thetas.


The SMU Thetas. SMU Ponies 5 and 1. Woo.

(I digress.)

More cowbell.


The Blue Hose beat Gardner-Webb 28-14.

And after the game all the families went on the field to see the players — which I thought was pretty cool.

That Number 24 again. Just like they used to interview me after intramurals.


My Jake.


It was great day.

And I learned about blue men’s hosiery.


Were you at a football game Saturday?

I hope not at Jordan-Hare….ugh.

But I digress.



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@MorganCoHS v. Walnut Grove. Musing on a WIN.

Morgan County brought it last night.

My husband said, “I wanted to text Coach Malone and say that it was the best complete effort I’ve seen the team play.”

He was about to fall asleep on the bed for a nap when he said this. Coach Malone consider yourself texted.

The Game Story.

The offense played great. The defense played over-the-top great.

Our boys flew around the field hitting the boys in the white jerseys like I hit an open bag of corn chips after a harrowing drive back from Atlanta.

Here are a few just a mom with a blog highlights.

The cannon.

The ROTC brought Bulldog enthusiasm to new heights by wheeling a cannon onto the field.

Be forewarned, the cannon fires at every kickoff, touchdown and first down play. (Okay, not on first downs.) But it did seem like it was firing an awful lot — which is good thing.

I’ll get used it. (Though as a child at the University of Florida games they used to fire a cannon. I hated that thing so much I prayed that the Gators could win by field goals. Which wasn’t such a stretch in the 1970s.)

Love the cannon. May she ring out  many times each game.

The Dog Pound.

Yes, the boys and girls painted red had lots to cheer about.

Twenty points. Twenty unanswered points. I hadn’t mentioned that yet. (Sorry.)

I interviewed Number 46 after the game and he said he was impressed with how the whole team played. Especially how the defense shut them down.

They put up a wall at Bill Corry Stadium.



Am very happy to confirm that once again Chick-Fil-A sandwiches are for sale for hungry Bulldogs. (Thanks Burns.)

And that drinks, whether water, Coke or Powerade are $2.

I know this because I bought lots of water.

And carried them back to friends in the stands – giving  back most of  all the change they were due. (Though a tip for the effort might have been nice.)

The Band. 

Last night marked the debut of Jeffery Rowser as the Morgan County Marching Bulldogs Band Director.

Their performance was all Billy Joel. Perfect for me a child of the …well, let’s say I remember listening to him on Top 40 radio. Not the Classic Rock stations.

It was a flawless production. Though it took the observations of my brother-in-law (a master thespian) to point out the nuances.

I thought the pianos on the flags cool. It took his observation for me to realize their greater significance, as in Billy Joel — the Piano Man.

Just saying so you will get it right off next week.

 Play of the Game.

There were so many to choose from. Journalistic integrity requires that I reveal this is the only one I caught with my camera.

Don’t think there was a more exciting play.

Nick Simmons’ run for a touchdown. From just a mom with a blog’s analysis, he looped way out on the right flank and out ran everyone for 82 yards.

Nick is Number 1  — he’s about to hit the 20 yard line in this picture.

Give him six!

It was hot. 

With play on the field.

And sitting in the stands.

Even Morgan County’s finest made sure they stayed hydrated.

If you missed the excitement last night, be sure to call Susan Beasley (picture above) and join the Bulldog season ticket holders.

Next week  Clarkston High from Atlanta’s Dekalb County travels to Morgan County.

The Mighty Angoras.  I’m not sure, but their mascot might be a 1950s fluffy pink sweater.

What did you think of last night’s game?

Go Bulldogs!

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Today’s Muse. Last night’s scrimmage. @MorganCoHs v. @CHS_Eagles.

MADISON, GA —  Last night’s scrimmage was against Columbia High School, a 3A school from Atlanta. In the interest of journalistic integrity, they are actually in located in Decatur off Columbia Ave.

You can follow their basketball team on Twitter. I chose not to follow them at this time because I haven’t reason to. I am not a sports journalist. 

I am a mom with a blog.

With that disclaimer….

Story of the game:


*  Rain delay.

Rain and lightening caused two delays (and eventually ended game at half). Both teams played about 15 plays. Three drives each.

The first delay happened with 9:07 left in 1st Quarter. This resulted in a nice social hour.

I caught up on Aubie Knight’s chase for a 4:30 in the Savannah Marathon this November. Robin Couch’s life in a frat house. (At least that’s how she described summer with a house full of her boys and their friends.) And once again I marveled at how Rhonda Spence keeps the same adorable figure — year after year after year.

So much for the rain delay.

* Speed Kills.

The Eagles dripped speed. A misstep by the Bulldogs and that was it.

Before the game, my son said the DE he was to line up against committed to Auburn.

At the game, I heard six guys committed to Div. I schools.

After the game, my husband said they had five guys committed. Two to SEC,  two to ACC and one to Ohio State (That’s the Big Ten.)

Today at Hibbets, Ray Stapleton said he heard they had four athletes committed.

So if you want the real scoop, tweet the Eagles. For remember:

I am just a mom with a blog.

But I feel safe in saying they brought some great athletes to Bill Corry Stadium last night.

* Game Summary

The Bulldogs were losing 14-0 at the half when they called the game due to weather.

That said,

It was just a few big plays that resulted in points.

One rushing touchdown happened after a defensive unsportsmanlike penalty on the Bulldogs gave the Eagles another shot after the Bulldogs had stopped them at the goal-line on 3rd and 4.

The other was a long breakaway pass and run from the young man attending THE Ohio State University. (I guess someone surely told him about the Jim Tressel thing before he signed on the dotted line.)

It was just to be nice sitting with friends in the stands again. A happy fifteenth birthday today to #26 Jack Speyer. Learned that visiting with his mother last night.

That’s what I do best. Sit, chat and pull for those sweet youngun’s wearing the Red and Black.

for I am

Just a mom with a blog.

Home Opener, August 26 against Walnut Grove (Not to be confused with China Grove a song by the Doobie Bros that I remember listening to on a little black AM transistor radio.)

What was your take on the game last night?






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Musing on Football Picture Day @MorganCoHs. Hike, hike, hike. (Isn’t that what they say?)

Yesterday was Picture Day for the 2011 Morgan County Bulldogs.

Senior players and cheerleaders have their picture taken with mom and dad. I only found out about this from an inadvertent mention by another mom.

It’s too bad for if I had missed my son’s Senior Football pic that would have surely sealed snagging the Mother of the Year award.

My crew. On time. A slight moral victory.


It was white hot outside. Someone was really thinking to have pictures made in the gym.


The Coach Peaster clan.


Will Collier grew a half an inch while waiting in line.


Laura Margaret checking how her stock portfolio closed.



Head Coach Bill Malone and wife, Lady, discussing who will swing by Pizza Hut on the way home.



Birthday boy Coach Dennis Stizmann. The medic who saw me moments after my knee broke in half.



More Sitzmanns. Kim -- my running partner before she had find someone who could actually run.

Key Malone. Wondering what kind of pizza dad will bring home?



This picture was followed by lots of begging for Amanda to come babysit her instead of big brother.



We made it.


Yes. Football pics over for another year. Be sure to see all of those good-looking football players, cheerleaders and staff in the Citizen Supplement and MCHS Football Program.

The season kicks off with a scrimage tonight.

I have a high school senior. This is all starting to become very real.

Any advice?


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