IronMAY or is it Iron MAYden?

Iron Man.

He’s the super hero in the theaters this week, but if you are a triathlete Iron Man means another thing entirely.

2.4 mile swim, 112 bike and 26.2 mile run.

All together. Well, not at same time all together, but one after the other.

The longest triathlon distance I’ve completed is a few Intermediate distances: .93 mile swim, 25 bike and 6.2 run.

But it’s been a while.

Since I got the big birthday coming up this summer, I thought I’d do my 10th triathlon. My first in five years.

So when I saw my friend posting all this IronMAY 140.6 data  “10 miles on bike. Hope to get a run in after work” — I became curious.

It turns out the IronMAY concept is to complete one (or as many as you can) Iron Man distances — 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles bike and 26.2 miles run — in the month of May.

When I finally slowed down to read the concept and that there would be a donation to the Challenged Athlete Federation I thought why not?

This might get me in the pool more and on my bike a lot more.

We get his cool medal at the end. Which is nice.

ironmay medal

So I’ve got my little spread sheet where I’m to enter all my distances and time.

And for being an incredibly random thinker, I love plugging in number to a good spreadsheet.

Signing up on the sixth of the month puts me at a serious disadvantage to winning this thing — but I could do it.

And monkeys will fly out of my butt.

No. This is not about winning. It is about completing the distance though and I could do three rounds of the bike and swim easy, it’s just that darned bike.

But this will be a good thing for me regardless if I complete the total 140.6 miles once or three times.

Take today. I planned to go swim for an hour this afternoon before the kids got home. One thing lead to another and I didn’t leave as planned. If I didn’t have a goal to be shooting for, I’d probably just have stayed home and worked.

But the new IronMAYden I am now, I got up there for a half an hour and swam 1500 yards.

And I’m 1500 yards closer to my medal.

What do you think? IronMAY for you?



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Cycling on beautiful day, who cares if the bridge is out?

“Where’s my bike pump?” I asked my husband after noticing both bike tires where flat.

“Oh. I took that to the office to pump up the cart tires.”

He took my bike pump to his office to pump up a dolley’s tires. Granted I hadn’t cycled in a year, but when I want to ride. I want to ride NOW.

“Call Joe,” my husband suggested.


After a few texts, I rode up and brought the pump back to mi casa rather than pump my tires up at Joe’s casa.

This turned out fortuitous because after I inflated both flat tires I came back outside to find .  . .


A flat.

Since the tire was fully inflated about 5 minutes ago, this can only mean one thing. A bad inner tube. Which can only mean one thing.

I need a new tube. And if I should find one in the house somewhere, I have to put it on my bike.

Good luck.

Now I have struggled through this before with the help of a cyclist on Twitter. A Good Samaritan biker tweeted me through replacing my tube — in less than 140 characters.

chainring tattoo

Take note of the chain grease all over my legs and all I had done was flip my bike to take off the tire.

All you pro-cyclists out there just remember — sticks and stones will mess the heck out of your spokes. And names will never hurt me.

With my tire fixed, I set off on a 25-miler.

On such a glorious day in such a glorious spot, I wondered why I pitch-a-b*tch about riding.


After taking this shot I rode up the hill to spy this.


And remembered why I pitch-a-b*tch about riding.

Only kidding.

I’m a cyclist. A recovering triathlete.

Crocodiles on the swim. Rabid hounds on the run. Bridge out on the bike. No sweat.

Actually I took the detour and prayed that there wouldn’t be any crazy hound lurking. Nothing will break your spokes like legs that become entangled as you fall after being drug from your bike by a pack of coyotes.

When I finally got home I’d been gone a little under two hours.

A truly awesome two hours. I’m willing to bet it will be less than a year before I take my bike out again.

What about you? Cycling yea or nay?


Linking up for iPPP with Greta @GFunkified and Sarah at @The Sunday Spill.


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Your body. It’s all in your mind.

I went running tonight about 6:30.

The temperature was 100.

I decided to go ahead and get out there no matter how warm.

When I got home, it had plummeted one degree.


*   *   *

Yesterday, I was working out with my trainer, Beverly Morris. As I was stretching out at the end, our local Biggest Loser, Johnnie Franklin, was working out.

After a profile about Franklin in the local paper, he joked that he can’t walk down the street without someone stopping him.

Already down 95 pounds, he plans on losing another 150 pounds. He talked about how tough it is but that he can do it sticking to eating right — and exercising day by day. Even if it is something small.

Beverly, who has worked with Franklin, agreed.

“People don’t realize the most important part in weight loss is not the condition of the body but the condition of the mind.”

That stuck with me.

So what if it’s 100 degrees. I’m in pretty good shape, if I take it slow, I should be fine.

Whether it’s meeting my friend in my driveway tomorrow morning at 6:25 for a ride to the pool or lacing up those running shoes, getting started is often the biggest hurdle.

Mind over wanting to sleep in.

Mind over thinking it’s too hot.

Mind over those chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter.

What do you think? What was you latest mind over body experience?


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Just say no to the “French Press.” Or my abs are going to flab.

I hate pain.

Most because pain hurts.

Here’s my problem.

Even in small Southern towns we have gyms. Actually in Madison we have two gyms. We must be the cut-est small town around.

I belong to the Madison Fitness Center where a very disturbing competion has erupted.

Battle of the Abdominal Crunch.

Seems things start with our dear Beverly, personal trainer.


Somehow a contest started amongst her trainees with the abdominal crunch machine.

I wanted no part in it.

I love a sick (sic) pack as much as anyone…

But now that I’ve obtained a certain age, I make sure any bikinis I wear are worn in the comfort of completion isolation. Or on beaches where  I know no soul and everyone with a pitcher of frozen margarita is my BFF for the day…

Beverly told me of this competition for the most crunches that had developed betwixt some of my friends.

The record was 120.

The red cape waved. The gauntlet thrown.

I sat down and did 134.

Less than 24 hours later got a message on Facebook from someone that she’s done 145.


Then I arrive to my workout on Tuesday to hear my neighbor had crunched out 170.

So like a lamb I was lead to the “French Press”.

See that’s part of this thing too. You have to pick a name for the device of torture.

Waffle maker, pancake maker and so on. After noticing a kitchen appliance theme trending I went with the French Press.

So I sat down and started. Just because I love Beverly and I’m not going to be some Fuddy Duddy who can’t get into the spirit of a little good-natured, gym competition.


And crunched out 200. I wear the Ab Queen crown for now.


I hated every second of it because I am a Fuddy Duddy who doesn’t like pain.

That’s it.

Next time I get a text that someone has done 6 billion and sixty — I shall blow them a kiss.

BTW ~ what’s sure favorite abdominal workout now that swimsuit season is a mere two months away?

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Family fun run. Seems Mommy is not the fun one.

I try.

I try to do things for the betterment of my children and dare I say…my family as a unit.

I signed us up for a 5k.

A 5K at Disney World.

I thought training would be a breeze.

It’s been more of a 73 mile an hour headwind. I bribe. I cajole. I promise things no self-respecting mother would ever do.

Today it was beautiful. I said two miles.

We HAD TO WAIT for Daddy to get home. Fine. But what am I?

Stale Raisin Bran?



They all want to run with Daddy.

Except my dear Tebow. Who would always want to run with me in spite of the fact he is chained to me.

Then Daddy and daughter took off.

Which left me and son. He decided to pick up every rock and torment me by going slower than a hibernating bear awoken mid-January.


Pokey, pokey stubborn puppy.

So Mama served as bridge between the pokey puppy and the whippets.



(She never runs like that for me.)

Then Daddy says something to poky, tormenting son and BAM…

Just like that they are all sprinting ahead of me.



I’ll never see them again…

Oh, there they are waiting at the top of the hill for me…and Tebow.





Who would never leave me, even if he wasn’t tethered to me by a suspension cable from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Do you exercise with your children?

Why don’t they see this as fun?

Is it fun?

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Early morning spin. And I’m not musing about the news.


It was early.

Dark early.

Time for spin.

This was the first Wednesday morning spin class at this location since an F2 tornado tore into parts of Madison and Morgan County last April.

For the entire hot, sweltering summer, membas of Madison Fitness have been striving to keep the fitness vibe alive at temporary digs while repairs were made to the building.

Looks better than ever.



I cannot tell you how nice it feels to ride in air-conditioning once again.

Here we are.  Emily, Joe, Jim and yours truly.


In interest of journalistic integrity, I refused to photo-shop how the angle I’m sitting to get this picture makes my middle look like the center of a ice cream sandwich.

 A melting one.

Curses. Wish I had seen this before buying three bags of creme-filled pumpkin candies yesterday.

That is not my middle.

Someone stole my middle and gave me their creme-filled-pumpkin-candy middle !!!

* * *

Merrily spinning along, Jim casually mentioned his plans for the weekend.


We all rejoiced. Especially after I learned it will be a small intimate ceremony.

That explains why I wasn’t invited.

Great to see some of the regulars back in the cool at dark-o-thirty.


The ever-buff Robert Pennington and his trainer, Mickey.

Obviously, neither feels the pull of creme-filled pumpkins.

* * *

It was super to have all the equipment back, minus a few exercise balls and slides, in the old location.

And it was great to see Arnold (pre-gross out Arnold) somehow survived the roof blowing off and was still on the wall.


Wait a minute. Something looks familiar.

My Abs!!!

*  *  *

Here’s wishing Jim and Carol the best of everything.

And we’ll be back spinning away next Wednesday morning.

Wonder how long it takes to burn off a bitty creme-filled pumpkin?

iPhone Photo Phun

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Musing on the Madison Fitness’ Temporary Digs.

For those not from Madison, you might not know one of the casualties of the recent tornadoes was Madison Fitness Center.

There is another spot in town to workout — The Uptown Fitness Center — but I have been working out at Madtown Fitness for a number of years.

When calamity struck, nothing to do but move the equipment a few blocks down the street to an old auto dealership while extensive repairs (and improvements) are being made to the building.

So after a week with no gym, I headed up to the new location for the 5:30 spin which is my custom every Monday night. 

Here were some of the regulars —  my John, Lisa, Phyllis, Patty and Emily our instructor. It was just like being out on Dixie Highway, without the wind.

All the equipment was moved into the garage portion of the dealership.


There is tons of room which is really cool.

Itis hot. But I like to sweat…I think without the air it’s kind of Madison’s own Muscle Beach.


Yes, now we have our own Muscle Beach — well, without the palm trees and Pacific Ocean. Minor things.

Was up there today working out with Beverly, my trainer, and got to do wind-sprints just by stepping outside one of the huge open garage doors. Okay, I was pretty lame — because with my knee I’m lame literally.

One good thing was without the television, without the mirrors — those of us working out were talking to each other.

And I do love to sweat. Actually that I love to weigh myself after a good sweat.

Here’s to a new fabulous gym in 120 days.

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Musing on Muscle Overload.

Just another day at the office.



This morning my trainer, the lovely Beverly Morris said to me, “Are ready for this?”  

She said it a few times…hmm.  

I did a little goofy white-person dancing thing with my shoulders — which was good because that was the last time I was actual able to feel them.  Audio clue for those who have no idea what I’m talking about.   Ready to Rumble ~ before I lost all feeling in my upper body.  


She was moving around fast and throwing weights at me. I tried be a good sport — not complain. Certainly not take the Lord’s name in vain.    

I was paying for this for pity’s sake.  Unintentional swearing and all.  

I’ve come to look forward to these weight sessions after my knee took a direct hit from a torpedo.   

But today we were overloading the muscle.  

I pay Beverly because she pushes me. There is no way I would do all that to myself in an hour.  

Because it’s not all that pleasant.  

Most of us need someone to push us — to overload us — so we can grow.  

Being pushed is exhausting. And right in the middle of it,  it’s really not fun.  

Because I believe in God — not like a nice happy higher power — but a true sovereign Being. I got it.  

He overloads us. Pushes to places we wouldn’t dare go ourselves. Yet He’s always there making sure the weight doesn’t come crashing down on our skull.  

Has He been pushing you lately?  

I’m going to stop now…because it hurts to type.

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Wednesday’s Inspiring Woman ~ Roselyn “Lulu” Anderson. No matter how busy, she’s learned to take time for herself.


Lulu with her grandsons Karmel and Davion.

Meet my friend Roselyn.     

Though Roselyn is a lovely name, I know her as Lulu.     

I got to know Lulu working out at the Fitness Center. We’d be up there at the same time — early in the mornings. Early like when it is dark outside early. Then we started taking a cardio weights class together and we’d do spin.     

You can observe a lot about a person spending an hour or so with them every morning. (Like when it’s dark outside early.) And I’d hear about her on the job adventures.     

Then one day the group of us compared ages. Women eventually do that when we become comfortable with each other. I guessed Lulu was 35.     

I was really off.     

She exudes youth and humor. And she is one busy lady. The kind of person you want to know better…or her secret for doing so much, giving so much and looking so fabulous. I really want to know about the looking fabulous part.      

Where did you grow up?      

I was born here, raised here and plan on dying here. I went to primary school at the Pearl Street School and graduated from Morgan County High.   

Lulu and with her daughter, Robin. Davion and Karmel.

Please give me some scoop on your family life?    

My husband, Delane, and I have been married for 28 years. We have a daughter Robin who works at the Wal-mart in Putnam County. Her son Karmel Ward is three. My son, Delane, Jr., is 23 and he works for the county. Delane’s son, Davion, is my newest grandson at three months.     

Tell us about your business…     

My business is Anderson Domestic Services. We specialize in elder care and child care. If a child gets sick, I can come stay with them so mom and dad can go to work. We also clean as well. But I don’t do pets. Well, I guess asking you to take our cats on an extended holiday is out. Besides I remember you have lots of fish. The fish might not like our cats hanging around.     

Her husband, Delane.

I’ve seen your truck up at the school — often before school starts?    

I mentor two children. One child is in the sixth grade at the Middle School and the other is in first grade at the Primary School. I go once a week. I love that time and they look forward to me coming. So you wake up early, workout..then go to enjoy time with your mentees — all before your work day begins. Wow.    

Now what is your workout routine? How do you stay so youthful?    

I workout every Tuesday through Friday. I’ve tried about every class they’ve offered. This includes Zumba and yoga. I’ve do cardio/weights and spin. When I’m not doing a class — I do cardio on the bike or elliptical, then weights and resistance training.    

With workout buddy, Karen before the last Madison in May 5K.

 I notice you at the pool early in the mornings.  I enjoy going to the pool (Morgan County Aquatics Center). I started going because I was scared to death of the water. I’ve come along way. I’m still not comfortable with putting my face in water. But I’m getting there.  

I meet friends up there in the mornings once a week and we do our workout before work. It’s been harder to get up there with the cold weather, but I hope to get back there soon. I agree with you on the pool. It’s a great workout…but hard to get there on those cold mornings. Though I have to admit they keep the Aquatics Center very toasty.     

I also enjoy participating in the local races. I don’t always have a partner joining me…but I have a great time out there with everyone either way.     

Son, Delane, Jr., with his son Davion.

What would be a perfect day?    

A perfect day for me would be to come home from work to my house clean. There would be no dishes in the sink. No children or children’s noises. It would be quiet. Just a peaceful day at home by myself. Clean and quiet. Sounds like heaven. That’s part of the reason I get up so early too…it’s quiet. It’s also dark…which helps with the not so clean part (around here).    

What is your favorite age with children?    

I would have to say nine months to two years. After three years you just want to…  I’d rather deal with the little ones than the big ones. In our conversation Lulu said this with much laughter…but I had to ask if it (raising children) gets any better. She laughed, “Never.”  Oh dear.    

Do you have any advice for woman trying to do it all — and feel some days like they are coming up short?    

You always have to take time for yourself. I always did. Even before there was a gym to workout — early in  the morning I would go up to the track. My husband would fuss at  me for going up there so early but it was my time. I’d talk with God. Sing praises and no one would be there to tell me to be quiet. Everyone needs time alone to think.    

Thanks Roselyn. I couldn’t agree more with the need to take time for yourself, even if it means setting that alarm extra early.    

Your life stands as a beautiful example of positive, God-filled energy. Age can’t place boundaries on that attitude and spirit.  What more can anyone ask?    

Take care and God Bless…Be seeing you at the gym.    


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