Sowing and reaping. Building body and mind.

It’s so easy to commit to things. Follow-through is another thing entirely.

For me anyway.

In one of my “I’m old and this hurts” outbursts to my lovely, amazing trainer, she told me to google the World’s Oldest Competitive Bodybuilder. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd.


She is 75.


No peoples. This is for real.

She is awesome personified. So after watching several YouTube stories on her — and how she gets up at 3 a.m. gets her spiritual food, then runs 10 miles a day, teaches fitness classes. Works out with her trainer, a former Mr. Universe.

Well, I decided to go for it.

Tanning creams and oils and string bikinis here I come. I signed up for the Gold’s Gym Invitational for Those Who Have Lost Their Body and Mind.

No Silly.

I hopped over to the Chick-Fil-A run site and signed up for their inaugural half marathon in Athens, Georgia the first Saturday in April. I’ve stayed away from running half marathons in Athens because like Rome, this Athens was built on seven times seventy hills.

But after reading about the amazing Mrs. Shepherd, I thought why not?

Yes, it’s so easy to sign up for these things and then you’ve got to squeeze in some training time. Today I got out and ran seven miles.

I used to do that no problem but now I get kind of bored out there by myself.

I do try to put the time to good use. To think about book ideas, plan the rest of my day. Plan the rest of my life.

This is when I usually tune out and think how the heck am I going to keep running for four more miles.

There is no doubt mastering the mind is key to mastering anything you wish to accomplish.

~ ~ ~

I started this post the other day.

I’m due to go out and run another seven in a few minutes. As I look outside — it’s gray, windy and cold.

My mind is thinking cold, tight muscles and sore joints.

One of my favorite scriptures is Ecclesiastes 11:4:

He who observes the wind will not sow,

and he who regards the clouds will not reap,

Or run 7 miles.

If we wait for everything to be perfect — there will be a lot of waiting.

A lot of doing nothing.

Enough contemplation for me.

I got to go put on some layers.

Any thoughts?

-~ ~


God has a sense of humor.

It is now raining.

I saw the rain and did not run.

I did not sow today. Will I reap on April 5, the date of race?

Heck no, if it’s cold and raining.


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3 responses to “Sowing and reaping. Building body and mind.”

  1. tiffani says:

    I can’t believe you signed up for another half marathon. Keep it up and you will look like Ernestine. She is amazing!

  2. MizYank says:

    Holy moses! Ernestine is my heroine. You also get piles of praise from me because, even if your motivation flags from time to time, or your IT bands get cranky (oh wait, maybe that’s just mine), you still keep going. Sure, maybe you take a day off here and there, but you never stop signing up for races, setting goals for yourself, and achieving ’em. My bro works for CFA corporate–I must find out if he will be working the race!



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