Musing on Year of the Rabbit.



Okay. I am always honest with you. Typing that title made the Al Stewart song “Year of the Cat” make sense.    

Sometimes I’m so v. stupid.

I never did get the whole Year of the Cat thing. Like what was he talking about? Of course I was 13 years old  and being 13 in 1976 is like being 23 months today.    

But I was not born in the Year of the Cat, I was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Yesterday we entered the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.     

That really inspires confidence.    

A rabbit.    

Everyone born in 2011 will have the same attributes as those of us born in 1963.    

 The rabbit.     

Now I understand many have them as pets and they are terrible sweet — but not really the most inspiring image.    

Cute. But...a life of wiggling noses and fearful dashes into bushes?

I mean what doesn’t eat the rabbit?    

Good grief. See what I mean.

Well, may a butterfly wouldn’t or a locust. But I bet you put 5 locusts together and they could figure out how to do in a bunny. 
This is what all you born in 2011 have to look forward to…

“The rabbit is a very sensitive sign of the zodiac cycle. They are extremely sensitive as they can be easily hurt. Also, they are very understanding of other people’s sorrows. These are some of the most popular traits and characteristics of the rabbit.”    

No wonder in Miss Annabel’s first grade class there was much sobbing the day Tracy Banka’s favorite pencil broke.  

But the Year of the Rabbit sounds great for everyone in general.    

“However, the rabbit year in general is considered good for one and all. The politics of the country would improve and diplomatic relationships will be good. People will fare well as they will get money easily. The rabbit is one of the most prosperous signs of all the twelve zodiacs of the Chinese horoscopes. The rabbit year is considered for everyone as it is a prosperous sign.”    

So even us born in the Year of the Rabbit — might have less hurts and experience less sorrow in 2011.   

But I never did place much confidence in this stuff.   

Tomorrow —  Going through your entire life as a crab only to find out you’re twins.   

And for further confusion, in theVietnamese community yesterday it turned…  

Year of the Cat.
I’m not making this up. But it is a pretty melody


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