Musing on Running with Daughter.

The three of us before the run. HK, me and Tebow.

I need a challenge. Something to work toward. And since my knee is out of commission, I’ve drafted my daughter to helping me set and accomplish a goal.  

A Mother Daughter 5K. The Atlanta Women’s 5K is March 26.  

My new goal of trying to get her to run/walk 3 miles, might be more of a challenge than completing a marathon solo.  

Yesterday we attempted our first training run and covered 2 miles.  

The dog seemed thrilled to be running somewhat again after my knee troubles had stopped a lot of that.  

She did great — only a few side cramps that we walked through. I hobbled, but enjoyed seeing her bursts of running enthusiasm before she became winded.  

I think this might happen.  

Now if we can have a few more picture perfect days like Saturday to train.

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3 responses to “Musing on Running with Daughter.”

  1. Karen Griffith says:

    maybe we’ll go with you. That’s our next goal – a 5K

  2. Jamie says:

    The more the merrier. We r going to give it another go today. Maybe see u and Sydney out there. 🙂

  3. […] She had complained a lot through our training. I use the term training term loosely. We suffered through two miles about five […]



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