Musing on running after my daughter. The Atlanta Women’s 5k.

I woke my daughter today at 5:30. She doesn’t wake up well at 7 on a weekday. I drug her sleeping body to the car. And while swilling coffee, I drove that sleeping body to in-town Atlanta for our race

We arrived at the start. 


“My legs hurt.” 

Hmm.  She had complained a lot through our training. I use the term “training” loosely. We suffered through two miles about five times. 

But with the roar of the crowd, to my utter disbelief,  she took off… 

She's in the red around her wee waist.

When she would walk, all I needed to do was pick out another mother-daughter team ahead of us and she was off. 

Part of the charming urban scenery. She asked if I might push her. No.

We saw woman walking along in a woolen coat, graying curly hair a mess, dragging some bags. 

“Is she homeless?” 


“I want to take her home to live with us. You wouldn’t let her come would you.” 

I kept walking. 

“She can have my bedroom and I could sleep with you.” 

“Come on Hannah. Look at that girl way up there.” 

Alright...I did have to stop to take the picture. But she was determined to beat mum.

“You’re tardy.” That was the call from a little boy spectator. Yes, young man we were tardy compared to the gazelles out front but sounds like you have lots of familiarity with the term as well. 

Great shirts and a red carnation. What's more girly than that?

I might not be hell on wheels anymore, but I still can throw a killer post-race bash. 

We by-passed the piles of bananas. 


How else to refuel after a race?



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7 responses to “Musing on running after my daughter. The Atlanta Women’s 5k.”

  1. John Miles says:

    Bring the homeless woman home. Maybe she can clean.

  2. Karen Griffith says:

    Congratulations to you both! Sydney & I are “training”, but she is determined to do the race for Aniah. We have 3 different 2 mile courses that we’ve completed (one in 38 minutes if you can believe that with a 6 year old!) haven’t gotten above 2 miles yet though!

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Wow. That’s awesome. If you’ve made it 2 miles you can do it. I am planning to do Anaiah’s race as well. Keep training sounds ~ like you’ve got.

  3. Eric Snell says:


    What a great experience sharing your love of running with your daughter.

    I just wanted to share with you a different type of running race we are doing in Conyers on August 13. We would love to have you out there with us.

    The Gridiron Trail Rush is a one-of-a-kind event with a trail running and fun football themed obstacles. An easy 5k trail run will lead you through an entry tunnel, creek, hills, mud pit, tires and a whole lot more with an end-zone finish line. And of course — it would not be football without wearing your favorite college or pro colors and enjoy a fabulous after-party. Bring your family and friends to cheer you on, challenge your rivals, and challenge yourself to discover who is #1!!!

    If you or your friends would like to join us feel free to use our coupon code TRYGTR2011 which will save you $10 on registration. (Anyone above 14 is allowed to run)

    Hope to see you out there.



  4. […] Seems yesterday googling for pictures of this race (her first) she came across my blog post from the race last year. […]



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