Musing on Football Camp. Reliving My Glory Days.

You want your children to forge their own path in life.

Climb every mountain, follow every dream.

But it’s got to be their mountain.

My son is heading into his senior year. That means college this time next year. We’ve been looking at schools and checking out football programs to see if it is something he would like — and they would like him —  to do. These thing are two way street, I guess.

He went up to Presbyterian College a few weekends ago. Sitter malfunction resulted in my having to stay home with our two younger ones.

Some of the photos Dad took.



Saturday, Dad, our son and I were up at Davidson College.




It was hot. 

Dad, who played college ball….sat under a tree.

But I, who played college ball….was drawn to the field like peanut butter becomes one with grape jelly folded into bread.

I watched every second ~ except the seconds I checked my phone.


Being in the weight room again…

Smelling the bars with their scent of dirty pennies….

After taking this photo, I lay on the bench and blew out a few quick reps for old time sake.

I missed those days of intramural ball with the Thetas.

My husband thinks our son’s athletic coordination comes from him.

I know better. I remember the roar of the crowd, the feel of leather against the palm of my hand. The intoxicating smell only found wearing a helmet and sweating in 100 degree heat index.

I miss it so.

How about you?

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7 responses to “Musing on Football Camp. Reliving My Glory Days.”

  1. hannah kate says:

    thts HALARIOUS ( i took tht ) =^)

  2. Mary Rector says:

    Jamie, you are too funny. Blake will no longer throw the football with me as he says I throw “bullets”. Can’t wait for him to play with some tough boys, he might change his mind (maybe).

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Too funny Mary. Bullet might be yur new nickname. I was playing catch with Jake last November trying to show him I still had it. I jammed my ring finger so bad it took almost three weeks to get back to normal. But he never knew. We gals got to keep up appearances. Good luck for Jared wrestling at Shorter next week. I’ve missed the green truck around here.

  3. John Miles says:

    Pennies? Where were you lifting? And why are your pictures so much better than mine?

    Keep the helmet handy you will need it as you learn to roller blade.

  4. Great blog. Will tune in often. I reckon “tune in” is okay to say when signing on to a blog. ????



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