I’m invoking the Erma Bombeck Rule. (My personal Erma Bombeck Rule that is.)

The first rule of blogging is immediacy. Or is it frequent posting? Then there’s good content.

Lately, I haven’t done much of anything with my blog. So I’m going to invoke the Erma Bombeck Rule.

To be fair, this is my personal Erma Bombeck Rule. One that resulted from something I heard she said.

Later in her writing career when asked if she made notes of possible column ideas while on an extended trip with her husband, she replied no. Whatever was interesting enough to write about would be there — without notes — when she got home.

That idea intrigues me. Does it work with blogging? So many posts never get posted if I’m not able to write immediately.

It seems old news.

Who am I kidding? Old news?

That applies to CNN not my blog.

So I’m invoking Jamie Miles’ Erma Bombeck Rule on future blog posts for a while. Especially, since my WIP takes the majority of my writing time these days.

Things that happened yesterday, last month or last year — events that I wanted to write about and should have blogged about — I’m going to post about in an untimely manner.

It will be interesting to see the stuff that stuck with me without referring to notes to jar my memory.

First up  . . .  my 35th High School Reunion last August, which I should have written about last August.

Or that’s what I used to think.



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6 responses to “I’m invoking the Erma Bombeck Rule. (My personal Erma Bombeck Rule that is.)”

  1. Diane Bennett says:

    Makes sense Jamie, and why not?! I always like reading whatever you happen to write about. ????

  2. Hmm. I think we should have a real jar. Write a one liner memory in it and call it a jar of prompts. I rarely write in the moment either.

  3. MizYank says:

    You have much company in the Erma Rule! It took me until September to write about a trip to Italy I took in May, and another episode sat on the shelf for four weeks. Further justification for the Erma Rule, not that anyone needs it: letting an idea sit for a little while can really change how you write about it. Ta-da!
    MizYank recently posted..“Left holding the bag” isn’t always a figure of speech



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