Does she or doesn’t she? Thoughts on going gray. Or is it grey?

Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

“Just after the baby was born she caught a glimpse of herself.  Her hair seemed so lifeless, so faded. Then she tried Miss Clairol . . .”


The great thing about this commercial is it is 60 seconds long.

In a minute, we learn the story of her life.

She had a baby.

She felt ancient.

She colored her hair and as a result all her bodily functions raged passionately again for another 250 years.

And only her hairdresser knew for sure.

As a child this last part puzzled me. If she was coloring by herself, how did her hairdresser know?

But I digress.

No, I haven’t just had a baby.

Yet, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I feel faded.

Maybe it’s time to rearrange my attitude on Miss Clairol.

I colored my hair for many years then five years ago I stopped. I get highlights but no over all color.

Now when I wear my hair pulled back, which can be all day in the warmer months, all I see is  . . .


Me and my son Jethro.

Me as in Granny.

Does. Not. Compute.

I threw the question out to my Facebook friends and EVERYONE gave it a big thumbs up.

So why am I so torn?

Maybe because I was so committed to liking my gray?


That’s not it.

Since about 25, I’ve been committed to not letting gray hair, thickening mid-section, crepe-y neck, thinning skin . . . I’ll stop now . . . bother me.

So why does it bother me so now?

BECAUSE IT’S HERE. Like tax day, the day the card payment is due and the day your child leaves home forever.

Aging is fairly easy when you are young and the old you floated out somewhere in the future, somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.


I’ll figure this out.

Does she or doesn’t she?

Only her blog readers know for sure.

Stay tuned .  . .


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15 responses to “Does she or doesn’t she? Thoughts on going gray. Or is it grey?”

  1. tiffani goff says:

    I think you look beautiful but I feel the same as you. I thought I would be fine with getting old but I am NOT fine with it as I age. I will do anything except surgery to keep myself young looking, pathetic but true. I say die the hair, you have great body and will feel much younger without the gray.
    xoxo tiffani
    tiffani goff recently posted..My new favorite cookie!

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Thanks Tiff. When you wrote “you will feel so much younger without the gray” a little flutter thing happened in my heart. That little flicker of hope. Hugs to you.

  2. Lisa says:

    I stopped coloring my gray. Mostly b/c it angers me to pay for something then less then 2 wks later, I’m no longer getting what I’ve paid for. So I bracing my grays. And I will be honest, it has not been super easy. And what’s with the chin skin? Dang. Flip side? In striving to embrace aging, I feel empowered.

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Lisa, I agree with all. You are younger than me. And I used to say and think all that. I hate to say the older I get the more difficult it is. But your point about having the roots show and all that money is one to really consider.

  3. I don’t think you’ll ever look like Granny. From what I know of you through your blog, you have an attitude and spirit that will shine through no matter what color your hair is.
    that cynking feeling recently posted..O is for Ollibean

  4. I am not ready to accept greys so I still color. However, I’m told I have at least one resistent grey. The nerve!
    just JENNIFER recently posted..Drawing a Line at 39

  5. Jade says:

    I’m still in denial. That sad denial where you’re pulling 35 solid grey strands a day out of your head.
    Jade recently posted..Dreaming of Vladimir.

  6. Carrie says:

    Dealing with the same thing here. I have been in the very throes of embracing my age as well and all that goes with it, knowing this is just my outer shell. Still trying to grapple with the ‘ostrich neck’ comment you graced on my post (having looked up actual pictures of osteriches – ‘does my neck really look like that?) but mostly, I am trying to gracefully age and improve what I can, where I can. (currently looking for a neck exerciser) and all is good.

    You are beautiful – always remember that.
    Carrie recently posted..To Get a Number

  7. zoe says:

    You got it all over granny. She will never be as hip as you! I stopped coloring my hair when…well, I hate to say it but my oncologist suggested some hair colors have been linked in research to lymphoma. I have enough problems without my vanity causing cancer.

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  9. Cynthia says:

    I grew out the grey hair until last year when I had had enough. It wasn’t a pretty color silver but a muddy brownish with grey here and there. I am waiting until I’m about 60 when it will at least look like something!! I felt old so it just didn’t work on me. It is expensive to color it but at least it doesn’t contribute to me looking even older than I am. I do not have that kind of perfect skin so the color made me look sallow. Hats off to anyone who can get away with it!

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