Cleaning an attic and finding a critique partner.

A week off of school for the kids.

Oh. The plans I had.

Picking apples in the mountains. Trek to the zoo for peek at the reptiles. Drive to the State Botanical Gardens for a long hike in the perfect fall weather.

Nope. None of that happened.

Instead I headed to Walmart for plastic bins.


My husband likes things organized. I do too.

I just am utterly unable to do such.

So I hired a friend to help me delve into my attic. Our attic that hadn’t been cleared out since we moved in 11 years ago.

She pulled out things we hadn’t seen in years. Some of them since college or high school — like my graduation tassel.

This is going to the dump tomorrow morning.

If you want the rug, it’s parked in our drive tonight.


I just went up to the attic now to find a picture mural I made in college that I hadn’t seen in 25 years.

First, I saw coolers I didn’t even know we had.

Lots of plastic bins.

And I couldn’t figure out what bin my photographs were in.

All this beautiful organization overwhelmed me.

So I turned off the light.

And went back downstairs.

One of the treasures unearthed was a 2 foot Elmo that I couldn’t remember to which child it belonged.

He is mine now.

Thanks to beautiful weather, the kids had a great break just staying home and with the help of my friend — my husband is happy with our attic.

And I found a new critique partner.

Who’s quiet but very focused.

Have you cleaned out an attic lately?

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2 responses to “Cleaning an attic and finding a critique partner.”

  1. Ugh. I need to clean out SO MUCH. I just can’t make myself start.
    Jana (@jana0926) recently posted..You say neesh, I say nitch. Now I want a banana split.



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