Blogging from my smartphone. I guess I’m not that smart.

One of the great things I learned during a “how to blog from your smartphone” session last weekend at TypeACon was how to blog from my smartphone.

Or so I thought.

All I had to do is download the WordPress app and next thing I know, I’m blogging from the checkout line at Ingles.

Or so I thought.

This was to be my first, quick, remote post. Except when I tried five minutes ago to download that app. I couldn’t. I’m sure this is because my WordPress blog is self-hosted. The nice session leader said that wouldn’t be a problem.

But of course it is for me.

Do I have two hours to google how to do it? Watch the YouTube video?

Heck no.

I would have loved to download a recent pic already on my phone and have written a brief blurb and hit publish.

Like this photo I shot while on my bike yesterday.


Well, I had to get off my bike and take this. The rattle rested perfectly on its body. I thought this shot more pleasing than the pink entrails just out of view. Or the flattened head. I looked for fangs. No such luck.

Then I liked this pic from my jog today as a possible smartphone post.


The nice CSX engineer stopped just in time keeping the road to the back of the cemetery open.  I was jogging and hate to get stuck on the backside while trains do whatever they do.

He didn’t even blow the horn when I ran across the track right in front of him.

See chivalry is not dead. At least not at CSX Railroad.

Then I considered downloading this photo off my phone for my first remote post that NEVER happened.


Stopped by Pure Bliss for some makeup after my hair cut.

People were asking me what I had been doing different to my skin. Taking my photo.

Alls I can say is I must look pretty horrendous going about town every day judging by the  reaction I got when I showered and wore something different than shorts and my sweat.

Guess there is something to be said for setting low expectations for one’s appearance.

So pooh.

I haven’t been able to blog from my phone yet.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe not.

Does technology make you crazy or do you love keeping up with every milli-second advancement?

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12 responses to “Blogging from my smartphone. I guess I’m not that smart.”

  1. Jules says:

    You are ALWAYS beautiful…it’s just that you were particularly glamourous yesterday and it had to be captured! Blonde IS you! I love it!!!! Glad the rattler was smushed and that the train did not trap you with the zombies…could be a good plot line for Madison movie. Jogger trapped in cemetery. Xoxo Jules

  2. Missy says:

    Ok, looking through your TypeA Conference photos – you are beautiful, Lady!!! Also, can. not. get. past. that first picture. Pee pee shivers! But, I will have to attempt that blogging from my phone. I wondered if anyone had ever had success doing that. Keep us posted. ha. I’ll give it a go if yours doesn’t go terribly wrong, okay? 😉
    Missy recently posted..The One Where I Write

  3. Lance says:

    Nice to “meet” you. Thanks for the retweet on the Twitter.

    I had to cancel my Type A plans at the last minute due to family stuff.

    I write/blog from my phone a lot. I’m at so many kids’ events and away from my laptop so much, I have little choice.

    Great blog. You have a new reader
    Lance recently posted..Head Like A Hole

  4. zoe says:

    awesome photos. I just want to say that I’m responding from my phone right now. And I find it to be a royal pain in the…

  5. Drives me nutty . Am trying on an “I don’t give a s___t” tude. Not working as we’ll thi a.m. Hi, Jamie. Miss you.

    • Jamie Miles says:

      Wave. Wave to you Leisa. And I’m the Queen Of Typos in comments. Without with smartphones. I’m hoping for a midlife blogger conference soon

  6. Oy. iPad pecking blog comments equal typos. Boo.
    Leisa Hammett recently posted..Book Review: Leading a Special Needs Ministry

  7. May says:

    Thing is…my interest is writing, not social media, not techy stuff. So, yeah, I am behind the times completely. It bothered me for awhile, but I am getting an it will be what it will be attitude. You are definitely more tech savvy than I.

    The snake photo is amazing!
    May recently posted..A Day in the Sun

    • Jamie Miles says:

      I so agree. But I think there are many younger writers who agree. Marketing doesn’t come natural to me. But writing does. And so does the community of blogging. So I do the best that I can when I can. Of both.

  8. May says:

    Guess you must have pulled that photo of yourself right out of the archives (wink wink)! So funny.

    I did not have the cut. I would have gotten the cut in a heartbeat, but found myself cursed with a head full of curls in a world mad for stick straight.
    May recently posted..A Day in the Sun



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