All by myself. Or so he says.

What does my husband think about my blogging?

That was the Coffee Chat question posed by Rory at Time out for Mom.

Or more specifically:  Men…and the Women who blog about them.

He was home today. The husband whom I occasionally blog about.

So I went in and asked him.

Me:  What is your impression of blogging in general?

Dearest Husband in the World: I don’t get the blogging thing. I can’t imagine having that much that needs to be said. Even if you don’t use that many words.

Me: What do you think when I blog about you?

Dearest Husband in the World: It’s never accurate. I should demand equal time.

I guess he could get his own blog and write about me. But judging from his first answer, he wouldn’t post very much. Or maybe he would if he was blogging about me? Scary thought.

Me: What do you think about the time I spend in blog world?

Dearest Husband in the Whole World:  Don’t even get me started. I’m sitting here and there is bedroom furniture in the living room because the painting of the bedroom is at a standstill.


Okay.  Blogging does take time but I haven’t been blogging today. I had to go shopping.

That was stressful enough. Trying to find shoes and a wrap for a dress. I really need Garanimals for adults.

And as much as he protests, he supports any crazy creative endeavor I get myself into.

Besides there is not much I can get away with these days since he reads my blog — unless I don’t post about it. As bloggers we know there is not much we don’t share with our readers.

Or that’s what we’d like everyone to think. . .

What about you? What does your partner think about your blogging life?

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6 responses to “All by myself. Or so he says.”

  1. The all by myself thing is funny. At least my computer is at the back of the living room so husband and I are usually in the same room!
    Just Jennifer recently posted..Men, and the women who blog about them

  2. Rorybore says:

    All By Myself…….I’ll be singing that all week!! haha
    Or hubby and I will be doing a duet – even better.

    I love that you actually interviewed “dearest husband”- and more so, that he was willing to answer. I suspect my own dearest would agree with yours: he just doesn’t get how there would so much to talk about. or that anybody else would be interested in my post about how he washed my floors.
    it was awesome…people loved it – women came from miles just to see the photo evidence of Mr. Cinderella. I milked it for days.
    Humph, and he says we have nothing to talk about.
    thanks for chatting with me today 🙂
    Rorybore recently posted..Tuesday Coffee Chat: Ah, MAN!

  3. Susi says:

    Ha ha. Too funny. I guess my hubby gets lone some sometimes. But he’s usually off playing his guitar while I blog. 🙂
    Susi recently posted..My Take {#CFLBlogCon}

  4. “I don’t get the blogging thing.” Exactly what my husband says… in fact I loved this so much I did it myself… interviewed my husband for today’s blog! Thanks so much for the idea (and let’s hear it for supportive husbands, they are the best!).
    Julia Munroe Martin recently posted.."What’s it like being married to a blogger/writer?"

  5. Mrs. Weber says:

    Love this! Now I’m inspired to make my hubby answer similar questions…

    Although I think he loves that I do work/blogging at night so he can play video games without me giving him a hard time!
    Mrs. Weber recently posted..Accomplishments: Mama Style #iPPP

  6. karen says:

    love this post, it’s so true. Now will be singing that all morning.
    karen recently posted..Organizng Dinosaur’s Room



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