Gray be gone once again.

Sometime you just have to come clean with your blog.

Today is one of those days.

As a blogger, I’m not really stat-crazy. I’m not forever analyzing my traffic and what posts seem to be most popular.

For one, I’m not that structured. When I kept track of the pulse of such things, I never really acting on any of the information.

And to be candid, it wasn’t like I was hauling in 10,000 page views a day. So why bother? Of course, there is the argument that if I acted on my analytics I might have better traffic, but that would make too much sense for me to act on.


That said, one of my most active posts — one that consistently shows up as popular — is the one where I debated about whether to color my hair.

Does she or doesn’t she.

In fact some of my discussion on the subject ended up on a rah, rah go gray website.

So this was me today — on the way to the salon.




To get my gray roots covered.

Yes, when I turned 50, I couldn’t do anything about ages effects on my skin and hormones but I could go blonde.

So I did.

And have been ever since May.

Now my daughter thinks I ought to go brunette, like I was in my 30s.

But no.

Too harsh for my gracefully aging skin tone.

So here I am a few hours after that photo was taken with nice blonde roots.

With my same 50-year-old skin.

Oh happiest of days.

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One response to “Gray be gone once again.”

  1. tiffani says:

    I love that your previous post ended up on a website for those wanting to stay gray. I love you either way but you are too fit and young looking to allow the gray to take over. xoxo



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